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Alderdeen Lands: Taradeen

Alderdeen lands:

Official Name: Taradeen

Unofficial name: The Icelands

The icelands are extremely remote, cold, and home to mostly predators and reclusive creatures that are not interested in interacting with others. Taradeen is also quietly, secretly, quite powerful. The majority of people who relocate to live there (only the tribals were there originally),  have all been rejected by their people in some  manner. Therefore residents do not ask each other prying questions by common consensus, and, as a result, tend to be much more accepting. Mixed species families are  much more common here than elsewhere.

Taradeens are a bit misfit, and they love that about themselves. Those from Taradeen have secrets they do not wish to share with outsiders. The biggest secret is that in their part of the planet, there has been a strange anomaly perpetuated by the planet. It is that all the people over time have become able to mind-speak with, not only the animals, but one another. Unlike other magic users, this ability seems to work regardless of species. The animals broadcast any changes they encounter, and have bonded with the locals in deep friendships.

Taradeen is the home of several of our main characters. The Ice Dragon story will be featured here, as well as, the Selkie Story.

In this land secondary animals ( Non-humanoid or lesser thinking species) are dominate in numbers compared to the Primary thinking creatures.  The plants found here are immune to the temperatures that can go as low as -550 and would kill anyone without proper equipment or guide within 10 minutes of exposure.

The animals therefore, are plentiful for hunting, but remain in no danger of going extinct.  In fact, the magic here is  as wild and untamed as its  creatures. New species and plants have a strange way of “appearing”  and creating challenges and surprises for the locals. The tribal creatures that live here deal a lucrative trade with newcomers as they adapt to the  harsh conditions and constantly changing environment , and often are sought for advice on how to deal with unknown or new plant or animal species that  has emerged from the overflow of magic that has leaked into their water.

The Natives:

The Blue skinned Tribal Nexxi- The Nexxi are the only residents that can lay claim to being “Original” to the area. They are decendents of the White Furred Abominal Snow Creatures of earth.

Nexxi appearance:

The Nexxi have variations of hair color going from white to darkest blue, to blue green and back again. Males tend to have only a single color of their particular shade of White, Blue or Green. The shades of which can be quite dark, medium, or quite light. The females tend to have blended shades of all 3 colors thoroughout their hair, changing as the light changes.

The hair of Nexxi females are considered the highest of beauty and many an offworlder female has nashed her teeth over the wishing to have such.  The root of a Nexxi’s hair has 5 follicles rather than a single follicle, as is the case with humans. This results in hair that is extremely thick and extremely strong. Females are, in fact, unable to cut their hair due to any attempt in making a cut resulting in a broken knife or blade. The only way to obtain a Nexxi’s hair is to collect that which falls out naturally. These strands are highly sought after and used for thread, bow string, twine and other string-like materials at a very steep cost. Since the Nexxi are spiritual creatures they are generally not interested in money, but are very interested in trade of knowledge, information, and hard to obtain materials.

Nexxi all have the same blue toned skin and cobalt colored eyes. The males are extremely muscular and big boned. The females, in contrast, are slender and appear more fragile, though this is deeply incorrect, and one generally learns this quickly.

The Nexxi consider their connection to the planet as deeply sacred. They are the caretakers of the Taradeen Crystal Oracle. They commune with the planet and interpret for others that which the planet deems important to the growth and well-being of its people. Their connection to the planet has grown so close, in fact, that other lands send emissaries and messangers from their lands to request audience with the Nexxi for assistance in interpreting the planets will for their own community issues. Generally this is done freely without a need to trade.

The one drawback the Nexxi encounter to being so connected to the planet. Is that they have become immune to low temperatures and cannot tolerate warm locales. In fact, if they are forced to leave the planet they will suffer the loss of a connection to the planet and generally cannot withstand the shock of loss. Most die within days of being taken off planet. For this reason, the Nexxi are not sought by slavers. Their blood is so undesirable to Blood elves and demons that they tend to never venture into their tribal land without a good reason.

The Nexxi suffered when the first slavers appeared above Alderdeen because they attacked and took 200 of their woman off planet, which resulted in the death of every single one of them within 24 hours. The Nexxi have never forgotten, or forgiven. They head the Taradeen rebellion and aid any and all who seek protection.

Compared to so many who have lost family to death, or worse capture, servitude and torture at the hands of the slavers, blood elves, and demon allies, 200 dead sounds relatively small an amount, but to the Nexxi it is a deep wound, as the souls of their people are re-born in the bodies of their children 10 years after that soul perishes, except when they are not in connection to the planet. The 200 souls they lost that day were lost never to be seen again. Many Nexxi hold deep bitterness over this. Because they are reborn and do not completely die when their bodies die, they are extremely dangerous enemies to make, as they are quite willing to die for their freedom. The planet mourns the lost 200 and they are referred to, by the Nexxi, as “The Nexxi-lost”

The ritual of returning a soul to the planet when it dies, is deeply secrative and only done in the Center section of the Oracle. No one knows what happens there, but it lasts 2 full days and the Nexxi kneel in “Keeta” for them until the planet indicates the soul has been recieved. Because the souls of the Nexxi are reborn they are all spiritually related to one another, however, their bodies are not burdened with the stigma of intermarriage or birth defects, because the planet produces new souls for the Nexxi along with those that are reborn. These new souls will also be reborn after that first life has passed. New souls are guided and spiritually entrusted to the Oracle for their education. The souls that have been reborn 100 or more times eventually ascend and choose to live one final life before they are relegated to the halls of memory, where they are placed inside the Palix. The Palix serves as a place of memory and reverence. The souls here seek never to be reborn, but rest in their memories of all the lives they have lived.

Those that do not connect to the planet or turn away from the ways of the Nexxi, such as turning to evil deeds or embracing greed, hatred or treason, are given the ultimate punishment in the form of being executed without the possibilty of being reborn. Their souls are never collected by the planet and never enter the Palix. This is, of course, an extremely rare occurance as most that connect to the planet while young grow up being taught to respect life and follow the code of ethics of their people.  To date there have only been 5 that have suffered this fate. They are referred to as “The Fallen 5”

Taradeen is a harsh but exceptionally beautiful place, with a growing and unstable structure that evolves and improves itself daily. Those that venture into its regions would be wise to observe carefully, take notes, and contact the locals for assistance in navigating. Even the locals have reason to be careful, as their environment has not yet completed its evolution.

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Alderdeen Lands: Sandbridge

Alderdeen lands:

Offical name: Sandbridge
Unofficial name: Desertlands
The Desertlands are the destination of most of the tourist and trading people that come to planet Alderdeen. The second is the coastline of the Zealandia ocean, which is where the Merlands are located underwater.
The Desertlands are a hotbed for tourism. This is the only place to obtain the workmanship of the Elves, Shadowland Witches and Wizards, and other in demand Para items. In the entire galaxy. Some of these on-demand items are legal, many of them not. In edition to the plethora of goods for sale, there is also the lure of sex houses, gambling and drinking. The best and worst happens here and no one lives in Sandland without using their wits. Those without wits generally fall victim to thieves and other nefarious types.
The Desertlands is like a big city, but with pockets of Desert style thrown in. The Architecture is similar to that of India or Arabian Desert homes. Rich tapestries and clothes to change the sameness of the sand and mud. Tons of vocal and lyrical music that lends an exotic and beautiful flavor to the surroundings. The dark skin and thick hair of the women make them much sought after and coveted. This is also the one place in Alderdeen you may encounter humans. Generally Human slaves or wealthy slaveowners, but a small percentage of freed slaves do dwell here. The rest of Sandbridge is Alien. Aliens from other planets and worlds visit this trading port frequently,so, many creatures have not been seen or encountered before. The desert region of this planet,is most known for the following most plentiful residents.
Dragons: (Fire, Stone, and Gem Dragons call this place home.) This place has all manner of Dragonkind. Both Humanoid and Reptilian born.
Harpys: Dangerous, sly and always up to some deal or other. Harpies are known for their beautiful bodies and extremely ugly heads, that of a bird or snake.
Fire Drakes: Similar to Dragons, and in the same family species, these creatures are closer to Salimanders than Dragons in appearance and mentality. They have elemental powers but no real magic. In fact, they are the only creatures on Alderdeen on which magic absolutely does not work. Drakes hate magic,in fact, because they find it to smell bad. Fire Drakes are exceptional dealmakers, when a deal is being done most traders will insist upon a Drake being present to suss out any magic tricks or sly maneuvering. Of course, one must be careful to get an honest Drake that cannot be corrupted by their massive greedy for coin. (This means most Drakes are known to be corruptable…traders do well to have one in their pocket already paid for)
Naga: The Naga/Naginis do a strong business here. They are magical creatures, but extremely fair in their dealings and many prefer them to the Drakes, which means they tend to hate one another. The most seen Naga, are those that are Snake Headed, but there are a few that are Human head with Snake Body. The Immortal Naga (A much much bigger Naga than the others mentioned) however, is generally hardly seen at all, (and if they don’t want to be never). Immortal Human head Naga can transform into human for several hours and cannot be distinquished from other humans,they have a particularly good manner of blending in with dress and manners similar to that of even the most crafty local. If an Immortal Naga is in the market, no one has a clue about it. Immortal Naga are generally found underneath Sandbridge in caves deep underneath the surface.  Naga are so particular about their privacy that even other immortal Naga will keep their distance from one another. They do come together to share information and trade favors, but for the most part they are almost completely self-sufficiant.
Gypsies and Tribes: Tribes and Gypsies make up the largest concentration of on-worlders at Sandbridge. They are generally mixed people from every section of Alderdeen. Those that cannot live among their own people, for whatever reason, generally find companionship and acceptance among the Gypsy camp or tribal camp. Tribes are only different from Gypsies in that they do not travel, preferring to live in the high plateau caves above the desert in caverns and canyons carved from the blowing sand.  There is much ritual and tradition to be accepted into these groups and they have a style of fighting that is extremely effective and fierce. Some Red Silks have been known to join the tribes for short periods in order to learn these fighting skills before returning to their own group. (See Tribal/ Gypsies for more info) (See also Red Silk and Blue Silk assassins)
Offworlders: Aliens to Alderdeen are all manner of creature. There are as many creatures as there are people and some are seen that have never been see before. Sandbridge is the place for anyone who seeks knowledge, goods or assistance, both for good or ill.
Since Sandbridge is such a hotbed of trade, it is also a place where lots of villainous deeds are plotted and secrets can be bought and sold, for a price. This is the reason Qwill bases his home here. If he wants to know what is being plotted and ways to thwart just about anyone, he needs to be here and this is where he is most active and where his talents are tested daily. (See also Qwillian Prince of Thieves)
Sandbridge Above:
Cliffs with hidden caves and large caverns can be found here above Sandbridge. Since there are many upper levels to Sandbridge one never knows who is watching from above. This is also the place where Drakenriding is taught for those interested in bonding with a Draken. A Draken is different to a Dragon, in that they do not change form from dragon and are not evolved from the original Dragon species.
Draken are thinner in body, faster in the sky, and bond for life with a rider who cares for and protects them all their lives. They speak mind-to-mind with their rider and with one another. Messages for other riders are passed through one Draken to another who then communicates to their own rider the thoughts of others.
Drakenriders are the fighting force for the Desertlands. They police the most dangerous of activities and keep theft to a minimum. They are the only type of Dragonkind that Drakes will tolerate, but only slightly as their goody-goody ways annoy most Drakes on some level. Draken will only bond with a rider who has the cleanest soul and purest intentions. They cannot stay bonded with a rider that changes from this high standard.
A Draken is said to be able, like a Oracle, to see right into a man or woman’s heart and see their intentions and inner secrets. The saying on planet is “He was too shifty for a Draken” or “He couldn’t bond with a Draken even if he were dipped in Angel blood” Many will consider the reaction of a Draken to someone as very revealing to their character. If a Draken doesn’t like someone,no matter how much they protest they will never be completely trusted.
Sandbridge Below: It is not that the underground caves are unknown to anyone in Sandbridge, it is that they take too bloody long to reach that no one ever wanders that way…not to mention the person must be able to breathe underwater, since the entrance is straight down under the ocean and then up into the cave by means of twisty pathways and narrow channels.
Even if someone were to venture into the depths looking to enter the caves, the pathways and channels that lead into the caves are like puzzles and mazes, specifically crafted over time by Naga magic to prevent looters and others from ever finding them. The saying onworld is “It is easier to find a way into Heaven than for one to find their way into a Naga treasure house .” Naga themselves are dangerous to cross, as they have a very high moral ethic of trust and honesty and the ferocity to kill without a flicker of remorse, anyone found undeserving of the right to remain breathing. To question Naga honesty is a deep and trade-killing insult. Of course, they are also too honest to trade goods that are nefarious or illegal in nature, therefore most seeking those kinds of trade are stuck making deals with the Fire Drakes who are known to be less picky and more questionable in their moral fibers.
When it comes to Dragons, Drakens, and Drakes…the difference in their moral ethics is clearly defined. The Dragons and Draken are highly moralistic and hold themsleves to a high level of ethics. As for the Drakes, well…as the locals say “Something went a bit twisty there”
The heat in the Desertlands is intense. There are wastelands that are not highly habitated. The Sandbridge trading city itself being the main attraction, those who live in the more isolated areas are often bandit tribes, criminals on the run, or bounty hunters. It is never a good idea to wander from the city itself without a guide.
Guides. Sandbridge is where guides can be bought and booked for trips just about anywhere. There are distinct ones that specialize in certain areas of the planet, there are questionable ones that serve no one but themselve and are considered Private Jigs, men who prefer to work for themselves and not share their commissions with others, and there are group tradesmen who work as a group to lead large bookings or many individual books going to the same location at the same time.
Specialty: These guys cost a lot to hire. They only go to specific area of Alderdeen and one must show proper paperwork and claim forms etc to even get to point one with them. They are generally former Drakenriders or current riders taking in a bit of extra income.
The Elvin guides are the most sought after and the most picky, not to mention, the most expensive. They will decide if you are good enough, not the other way around.
The Elflands are magical and cannot be found without a guide, unless you happen to be Elf yourself..and sometimes, even if you are. Elflands cannot be entered unless you have a damned good reason for going there. Wanting to see Elves, is NOT a good enough reason. Wanting to see Elf Architecture is also NOT a good enough reason. Neither is wanting to meet a Queen, or wanting to bed an Elf..which is a popular request but actually an ignorant one, since everyone knows an Elf only feels sexual urges for his mate, and will wait hundreds of years for them if they have too. Not to say that Elves are not sexual, if they are between the age of 90-100 they are extremely sexual (Considered the the wild oats phase) but once an Elf passes into their Mate Day Ritual, they are pretty much uninterested in anyone after that. Good luck finding an Elf in that small window of sexual interest who is not already visiting the brothols of Sandybridge. (Seriously, don’t travel to Elflands for that..go to the brothels and bars in Sandbridge).
Those seeking to enter the Elflands generally have already booked way ahead of time, and those that haven’t well..convincing the elves might be a tad difficult. The Elves are the only race that completely protects their people 100%. They are generally uncorruptable. Elves are well-known for their inability to lie, this does not mean they cannot answer in a manner that allows them to leave the truth out. Experts at saying things slyly, one would do well to carefully phrase questions when asking an Elf for a straight answer.
Now, if you want to visit the Elflands on the outerbanks and can make friends with Orcs, you might get close enough to see where the Elflands might or might not be located. Um…did we mention it is hidden by magic?
The Shadowland guides are less picky unless you happen to be someone that obviously annoys them, then, they will band together and stonewall your efforts.
It is not that they have high moral standards, it is just that they know trying to trick the residents of Shadowland is pretty much impossible. They dare you to give it a go and will take your money whilst they laugh at you. Did I mention the Shadowlands are the strongest magical nd second strongest creatures on the planet?
Even the Dark Land inhabitants pause nervously before attempting to enter the shadowlands. It is the one place on the planet that will actively attempt to eat you. You are welcome to try to find the Shadowlands yourself, after all Dark Clover is on the is really close to the Dark Lands and people go missing, all the time. It is less about needing a guide, and more about arriving to the Shadowlands alive. Know what I mean?
Merguides: Going underwater? Happy to assist! The Merguides are pretty helpful, so long as you can swim and breathe underwater it is a go, if you cannot do these things, well…going to an underwater city might not work out for you. The one and only rule for going to the Merlands? Touch their women and you will probably die. Just a fair warning.
Icelands: Traveling to the Icelands? You will need stuff. Lots of stuff. Lots of warm and protective stuff. The cold gets down to about -550 there so…yeah, lots of stuff. If you plan to go there be sure to bring some protective gear..most of the things that live out there are really,really hungry.
Dragonblood Mountain: Dragons are amazing creatures and many tourists want to meet and learn about them. Dragonblood mountain is the center of holistic training andvthe center of learning for both Ironforge work and other major crafting. They are also the location of Alderdeen’s largest library of knowledge, both their world and 1000’s of others. Some that do not even exist anymore.
They are a specialty land where learning and training in magic and craft is extensively sought. Some acedemics come to Dragonblood mountain and never want to leave. This is the one place on Alderdeen that has a lqrge concentration of offworlders living there, and they get lots of visitor mingling about sharing information. Unlike the Trader Aliens that frequent Sandbridge, these are generally Aliens of influence and thought, interested in sharing their knowledge and learning from masters of magic and other crafts. Many revered by others for their experience and historic significance.
Dragonblood mountain is easy to get access to and their guides are generally students who just want some extra money. Since Dragonblood mountain is extremely close to Sandbridge, it is only a short 3-4 hour trip to take groups through to it
Though, some might decide to forego the guide, it is probably a good idea to have one, since only the central peak is open to tourists and knowledge seekers. Last thing anyone wants is to piss off a Dragon for wandering where you shouldn’t have.
Private Jigs: Private hire guides are renogades. Don’t get too picky. They have a love of privacy, tend to wear black, and hide their faces, and well..they are sometimes crooks. There are some that just don’t like to share their coin with a group, or prefer to work alone, but they pretty much look the same as the crooks. Good luck weeding them out.
Group Tour Guides: These are often done by Gypsy or Tribesmen who want a bit of extra money and need to go to the place that you are going anyway. They will either lead whole groups of people who are traveling together,or make up a group of individuals traveling seperately but going to the same place at the same time. These are good bets for those who enjoy meeting and getting to know a diverse people. They are a bit nosy though, and do not know the meaning of quiet.
They only travel to 3 locales. The Shadowlands, Bloodstone mountain (Some parts are considered Elfland, but are at the foot of the mountain) and the Icelands. Anyone wishing to go to the Elflands will have to see the Specialty guides, as I have one gets into Elflands without permission.

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Alderdeen Lands: Dark Clover

Alderdeen Lands:
Dark Clover

Alderdeen lands: Dark Clover
Land name: Dark Clover
Unofficially called: The Shadowlands
The Shadowlands are in the Southern most part of the planet, Alderdeen.
In the Shadowlands the Vampires rule over all the night dwelling creatures. They are not evil creatures as folklore of other planets might indicate, in fact, the Shadowlands are a peaceful place with interesting and unusual creatures.
The Oracle of the Shadowlands.
The Moonstone oracle is used by all the creatures of the Shadowlands, but is primarily used for thinking creatures such as Vampires,Ghouls, Ghosts, Banshees, Witches, Warlocks, Shadow-dragons, Shadow-elves, Bajang, Boggarts, Furies, Gargoyles, Grims, Night-witches, Poltergeist, Will-o-the-Wisps, Succubus/Succubi, Shades, Wraiths, Sidhe cats, Sidhe wolves and others.
There are sub-creatures, such as greylings, which have no high thinking but are smaller thinking creatures that are treated and cared for here. Some such creatures are: Familiars, Torkins,Hellhounds, Grim dogs, and other pet-like creatures as are kept and cared for there.
All sections of planet Alderdeen have an active Oracle. They are used frequently to commune with the planet, which is sentinent. There is a healthy rivalry among the lands over whose Oracle is the best. The Oracle is the center of each lands government, community, and tribal laws. It is considered the lifeblood of the planet.
The outer Oracle section is a center for healing, education, governing and mediation between species. The middle area is for ceremonies like season rituals by the witches, celebrations, selection of familiars, and other such community events, including a local goods market. The inner oracle, called the Chamber. Is where the 3 most important rites occur and is specific to the Shadow-people.
Dark Clover is always in shadow, it is home to nocturnal and nightloving creatures, such as Vampires, Werewolves and others who prefer darkness. They have daylight but it is a shadowed one as the huge peaks of Bloodstone mountain block the sun from them providing a nice shadowed valley for the shadowland residents. The sun rotates past only the Northern half of the planet. The shadow of the mountain is where Dark Clover rests. It is the closest in location to the Darklands,  (referred to as Khemarcana by the Blood elves who took it by force 300 years previous).  (See also Darklands article)
Creatures that inhabit Dark Clover are the strongest predators, with the most species variety in their inhabitants. Second only to the Dragonlands in physical strength, the inhabitants of Dark Clover are ever watchful of their borders as the blood elves and night demons are so near.
Dark Clover is home to the Moonstone Oracle
Commonly seen inhabitants (short list) include:
Vampires (governing body ruled by Royal house)
Were families
Night Witches
One does not enter the Shadowlands without a guide. The creatures are lawabiding, but each has their own nature and must be approached properly and with respect. If one were to enter the Zombie section of that land, for example, one might get eaten, if stupid enough to enter. As the saying goes “If one offers a  creature a free meal, do not be upset if the creature willingly accepts it.”
If Alderdeen were to be compared to Earth, Dark Clover would be like the Old West, or Texas. Martial law is used in areas that do not commune with the oracles. Hunting is by Clan law and policing of the borders fall to the Gargoyles and the Were families. Dark Clover utilizes local or non-local guides to lead visitors through, each village has a judge and a policing force. If a creature of any land falls on lean times a bit of coin can be had leading visiting spacers (tourists) safely through the area. Common visitors consist of scientists,  religious zealots,  artists, fanatics, herbalists, sabbaticals, vacationers, and trades-people.
Traveling as far as Dark Clover is considered a bit crazy, as the lawlessness of certain areas make it extremely dangerous to visit, not to mention its proximity to the Dark Lands, where people are known to dissappear never to be seen again. Most visitors never go further than the Desert oasis land of Sandbridge, which is always happy to part tourists from their money.
Other lands are considered too harsh to travel through ( Icelands and Bloodstone mountain) are difficult physically to navigate successfully Dragonland) or are magically impossible to locate (The Elf lands and the lush underwater land of Z land) Therefore, most tourists never see all of Alderdeen.

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Planet Details

These ideas will, of course, change as the book evolves.

Planet of magic.
Alderdeen is a very unusual planet in that its entire surface is full of life and living creatures. There is no place on Alderdeen that is not populated in some manner by animals, creatures, or entities. The planet itself is sentient and therefore has created a place for all its beings to survive and thrive on its surface. It also deals with each section of the planet on a more personal level through use of the oracles, of which there are  8. One for each section of Alderdeen. The oracles have different duties depending on the section and creatures involved.
The transfer to Alderdeen was made by means of the oracles as portals (there are, in fact, still portals on earth that lead to Alderdeen but are not able to be opened as the portals are created to open only one way, from Alderdeen to Earth. and it may be its destiny to save the humans that are attempting to survive the advance of greed and savagery that has come to their planet)
There are Eight sections. The Dragonlands are cut down the center ofthe planet and the 3 peaks are said to resemble a curled up dragon, guarding its treasure, which in this case, is the dragon-kind and other creatures of that land. This land has a large section of desert before it becomes forest. The mountains are extensive and lower in some sections and higher in others. There are caves above ground and below, and there are underwater caves and dwellings within the mountain also. The Z river travels straight across the middle of the mountain and splits the region with desert to one side and dark forest to the other. This area is so big that dragons easily live here and do not intersect or interfere with one another. It takes at least 1 days travel to reach each quadrant clan. There are 4 clans on the mountain and each takes up a quadrant of a single, or shared,mountain peak, there are 3 mountains. 1 Very large, and two smaller. The dragons are the most ancient lineage and the most powerful physically. Their magic is formidable, but they are surpassed by the elves in this area. They are much more powerful in regards to learned knowledge and spell-work as well as, sheer physical size.
To the Northwest, after Sandbridge and Knifewalk, are the Elflands called Siogsekai (Which is a combination of Asian and Gaelic meaning: Fairy land or Sidhe Earth) These lands have the most abundance of food and magic and the elves are well-known and regarded by the other creatures and beings of this region. The elves are helpful but secretive about their ways and abilities, which is as it should be, in order to support their need for trade. They are quite well respected for their hunting, tracking, and artistry craft. The elves are the second most ancient lineage and many creatures turn to them for advice as there is not much an elf elder has not seen and dealt with in some aspect of their history. They have the most magic of any creatures on Alderdeen and use their magic physically and not literally, like the dragons can. They work often and regularly with the dragons, but both species have their well hidden secrets. The location of the Elflands is only known generally as the land is protected by magic that prevents anyone from being able to enter or locate the land without permission from the elves. Anyone coming close to the land finds themselves back where they began unable to recall where they were or what they saw. Only those of Elvin decent can even come close enough to invoke the spells needed to enter the land, and this spell is changed often to prevent those that have been shunned from re-entering. Some have tried to capture and force elves to lead them to the lands (no easy feat as elves are very hard to capture and have many allies) only to be found dead within hours. The captured elf the only one left living. This, for obvious reasons, has created legends and superstitions that claim that the planet itself protects the elves as its own.
The next land it the land of the Merpeople, which actually cuts across the planet face almost bisecting it completely, as the water flows across the land and over the mountains themselves. Anything or anyone within the water is part of that land and thus it is the land between lands and is called Zealandia, after the one on planet earth. (It is believed that the planet Alderdeen was actually man-made and created as a place for non-humans to go during the middle ages of Earth history and was settled by aliens for their use. (Many believe the non-humans were aware long before it happened, that the planet, Earth, would be compromised by its own people.) “Z-land” as it is commonly referred, is a place that extends across the entire planet running straight now the center of it, meandering for a bit near the edge of the forest and ending in a very large ocean on one end and a salty seaside on the other. If viewed from above, the sea and the ocean are to each side of the mountains and buffeted by the forest which then levels into the desert which extends some distance before becoming ocean again on into the snow regions. There is not much known, for the most part, about the merfolks. As they primarily only come out when in need of assistance. They are quite self-sustaining and find it hardest to interact with all but the Tree people who live nearest their shores.
The Fourth Section of Alderdeen is in the South-East and is a land of Darkness and horror. This is the Domain of the Blood-elves and the fire demons of Khemarcana a place that has been corrupted and taken over by evil. It did not start out as evil, it was once called the Lightlands or Manacana, but was changed by aliens and dark creatures that have taken over the planet 100 years previously and use it to capture and ship human slaves to other planets. A victim of the same creatures that overtook Earth, the planet is sickened and ill from the habitation of these creatures upon its surface. It however, is fighting the takeover. Its creatures not able to be tempted as the humans had been, to betray their people for profit or social hierarchy, as they have little to no use for such things. It is believed that this is due, in no small part, to the sentient aspects of their planet and its readiness to speak to those that dwell there. Not all creatures on this planet get along, as such, but their connectedness to one another and their planet unites them to their own people and to the communities that share resources. They respect each other and this makes it harder for them to be taken over. The slave traders have managed to corrupt the demonkind and the blood-elves, because those creatures revel in having power over other creatures. The need for blood has been twisted with black magic and changed their very natures. A fact that is most keenly felt by those of the elf species as the blood elves are their kin and they have betrayed their own people. The Shadow elves especially feel this, as they are similar in appearance to the Blood elves, with the exception of their eye color and magical abilities which come from moon and night magic, and not darkness and blood as is the case with the blood-elves. The slave-traders attempt, quite often, to find rare and unprotected creatures for shipment, as well as, taking in ships that take resources from the planet using mining and harvesting machines that are run by slaves from other worlds as well as Alderdeen.
The Fifth section of Alderdeen is in the South-West where the river ends and completes in the ice caves of Taradeen. Which is a place of cold and snow. Primarily it is the hardest for the slavers to penetrate and the most fierce of creatures live there. From Ice demons and Yeti, to ice drakes and the snow-elves. There are kin kinds of almost every other region here, but the harsh conditions cause there to be more nomadic tribes and clans. The creatures that live there are actually much more integrated with other kinds since the ability to survive is more dependent on co-operative trading and cross-species respectability. One is more likely to see a fair amount of Oath friends in these areas, as well as, a crossing of culture and species lines that have, if not obliterated differences at the very least blurred them.
The sixth region  is that of the Shadowlands, called Darkclover,It is the region that has a very unusual make-up and is found to the North-East of Bloodstone mountain, on the side of the planet that the sun does not pass.The inhabitants gain crops and strength from the moon instead of the sun, and sleep when the sun is out, similar to the way others do when the moon is out. They can see quite well in the dark as their eyes are completely adapted to the dark and they see the world as well in the dark, as others see in the sun. In fact, their eyes are so sensitive that they sleep during daylight as the sun renders many of them practically blind (similar to snow blindness). The plants in Dark-clover are enriched and nourished by the moon and many of them have a phosphorous light that glows and attracts food or works similarly to photosynthesis. Some are always glowing and some only glow in reaction to a touch or pressure from something nearby, conserving its energy. It is understood that the touched lighted plants do so to attract certain plant eating creatures or to help in reproduction of the plant in some way. There are also animals that glow in the dark, these to attract prey or to signal mating availability. The beauty of this world is accented by the artistic creations of the thinking residents who take great pride in making their homes beautiful in the darkness. They rise and watch the moon in a similar fashion to those who watch the sun rise. They consider the stars and the witches particularly read the stars for premonitions and spell-work.
The seventh region, is called Sandbridge. It comprises the North-West side of Bloodstone mountain. It is extremely hot on this side of the mountain, as the Sun passes only over the lower portion of the planet,never quite close enough to heat or light the East side of the planet, which remains in shadow and serves as home to night creatures and inhabitants that desire a nocturnal environment (Dark Clover and Khemarcana) Sandbridge is the main hub of trading and entertainment for both residents and offworlder visitors. It is common to see aliens and visitors that have never been seen before. Sandbridge has a lot of swindlers, thieves, and is a popular hidingplace for criminals. Those traveling there are best advised to watch their wallets and their throats. The place is also a hotbed of interesting merchandise, weaponry, and goods that cannot be found elsewhere in the universe.
The moon, unlike the sun, is directly overhead and travels in the same circular path as the sun, but in the opposite direction. The sun and moon pass each other twice every day and time is recorded by which pass it is. (2nd pass 12. 1st pass 3.) It takes visitors some getting use to. There are 26 hours in a regular day .
Witches, in particular, enjoy the 13th hour of each pass.
The eighth and final region is called Knifewalk. It runs along the edge of Bloodstone mountain, and is called Knifewalk for the thin red stone ridges that comprise the cliffs and caverns they call home. Knifewalk is part of Sandbridge, but is uniqely its own, as it is not reachable by any means other than flight. The caverns and caves that comprise this community is inhabited by those that have bonded with Drakes and serves as a lookout over Sandbridge itself before it continues along the length of Bloodstone mountain. Those seeking to enter Knifewalk can only do so by requesting a dragon or having a dragon bondmate. Man-made walkways criss-cross overhead across Sandbridge and serve as watchtowers. Those who are complacent may well find they have been observed from above in their  actions
Landscape Details/Strange Statues

(Notes of the lands that I want to remember. This post is a place to put my ongoing ideas of the land structure. These can change at a moments notice. I will update this post often as new ideas occur to me.)

I like the idea of strange statues all around Alderdeen. Faces in the grass or on the ground with no explanation to outsiders why they are there or their history. They serve to make outsiders nervous, which is a side benefit. They feel eyes on them wherever they go

The story behind them is, of course, that they are reminders to evil-doers that the oracle sees all, even if you hurt someone in secret, the planet, which is alive and aware and connected to the oracles, sees and remembers. It gives them peace to know that they are seen by the planet and that no good or bad deed is unseen. The saying on planet is “Magic will have its way” which means, the planet will assist the people and put things (injustice) right.

There are also full bodied statues on high plateaus and hilltop entries into each land as homage to that lands individual oracle. There are, of course, 2 oracles, one on each side. The true oracles are in sacred temples and made of the gem or precious stone of that land. The oracles speak in tandem and inspire awe. Female voices and very wise. (My homage to the Neverending Story which began my love of Fantasy Fiction).

There are 8 distinct lands or sections in Alderdeen.

Dark Clover–Shadowlands

Bloodstone Mountain–Dragonlands


The Knifewalk (Part of the Desertlands)

Siogsekai–Elflands or Sidhe Earth

The Emerald Plains- The Flatlands (Part of the Elflands)

Khemarcana–Darklands (Previously known as Manacana–Lightlands)



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The Oracles

The Oracles:
The Oracles and their purposes in each region.
All Oracles are portals, but they have not been activated in many centuries. This aspect of them is unknown by the current inhabitants of the planet. As the knowledge of this use is only known by those called the knights and ladies of the oracle. A religious sect that serves the oracles and helps the species of each region when in need.
Each order of knights and ladies is expert in their particular area of region. The region they serve is selected during their induction ceremony by the oracle itself, the selected region is not always the one they have trained under or were born into, the oracle selects based on personality and the need of the planets people. Sometimes the reasons for a selection is unknown even to the others of the order, but it is generally understood that the oracle is never wrong. It is connected directly with the planet, and is, in fact, an extension of its awareness. It is considered a high honor to be selected to serve the central oracle chamber, which is even more elite and secretive. It is, in fact, referred to as “The Chamber”
The outer sections of the oracle is used for healing and counsel when there is a disagreement or need for mediation between species of people.
The middle section of the oracle is used for a very special ceremonies and vary depending on the species and area it serves.
The Chamber, itself is a direct connection with the planet and has abilities varied and selective. It is only known that each creature or being that enters the Chamber, does so alone and only after meditating outside it for 24 hours without food or water. The Chamber is where all creatures will go on their Naming day. Depending on the species, it is also used for the Ritual of Keenan, the Draden attainment, and the Rites of Allora, not to mention the day a knight or lady is inducted into the order, which is simply called DI or “The Day of Induction” The Chamber is actually two sections. The section before the Oracle, and the section past the archway under the direct eyesight of the oracle. For anything other than a ritual or quest request most need never pass the archway. Passing the archway is a very big deal as the oracles can see into your soul and measure your character. This can terrify many and some never recover from the experience of their first quest.
All Oracles appear similar but have different powers and duties depending on whom they serve. They are all made of different materials and have different appearances, but all of them are twins, Two statues at least 12 feet high. One on each side of an archway.
The petitioner stands before the arch and makes their request. The Oracle answers with both voices speaking at the same time.  If the petitioner is requesting a quest or ritual they are told to step forward and pass through  the  archway and into the second section. What happens in there is shrouded in mystery as only the one petitioner is ever allowed within at a time. It can be intimidating as the oracles are made to look as if they are peering straight into the persons heart and seeing all that they are and are not, which is apt, since that is exactly what they are doing.
The Oracles:
The Glass Oracle:
This Oracle lives in the Shadowlands.
The Emerald Oracle:
This Oracle lives in the Elvenlands
The Ruby Oracle:
This Oracle lives in the Dragonlands
The Topaz Oracle:
This Oracle can be found underwater and lives in the Merlands.
The Ivory Oracle:
This Oracle lives in the Frostlands
The Sapphire Oracle:
This Oracle is no longer active and exists in the Darklands. The Oracle went silent the day the elves became dark and has not awoken since. The Original stone of the Oracle was, in fact, a Yellow Sapphire, but turned to Onyx the day the light died in that region.
The Oracles inner sections
The outer Oracle section is a center for healing, education, governing, meetings and discussions of law, as well as mediation, training, and research between species.
The middle area is for ceremonies like season rituals,celebrations, selection of pets and other such community events, including a local good market. This is where most creatures are taken for their very first naming ceremony where they are presented to officially place their child’s name on record.
The center oracle section, is the area that is different for each land. For all it is simply called “The Chamber”
The Chamber:
Naming day.
This is generally not done in the Chamber, but is rather done in the middle section, but it is a ritual and ceremony performed at the Oracle regularly.
1) Ritual or Ordeal
The first Ritual is different for each region, but most have something to do with a quest or ordeal a species must overcome in order to find what they seek.
2) Bonding ceremony
When a Vampire finds his mate, he will return to the oracle when his mate is ready to make the change. The change is relatively painless with the assistance of the oracle and does not result in a blood-dependent mate, quite the opposite. The mate will have blood unlike any other. It will sustain and strengthen their mate 10X more than any other creature. The amount of blood needed is relatively small and doesn’t even result in light headed-ness. The change bonds the Vampire to his mate, who shares not only his magic and immortality, but is also physically changed to match the genetic needs of their mate, so that offspring can be produced. This generally means having the same skin color and hair color as their mate, as well as, a gift of magic given by the oracle, of their very own. The magic gift is most often selected to match some inherit personality trait that already exists and is manifested as a magical asset.
Offspring of a Vampire or those referred to as “Born” Vampires. are blessed with no affinity or need of blood to sustain them. They take after their other parent in this instance. Their coloring and other attributes will follow their Vampire parents line.
All other creatures:It is a completely clear glass statue that is over 12 feet high. There are 2 of them, one on each side of an archway. The petitioner stands before the arch and makes their request. The Oracles answers with both voices speaking at the same time.  If the petitioner is requesting a quest or ritual they are told to step forward and pass the archway. It can be intimidating as the oracles are made to look as if they are peering straight into the persons heart and seeing all that they are and are not, which is apt, since that is exactly what they are doing.
For other creatures the Bonding ceremony is not as difficult or involved as the Vampires. For some, like the Gargoyles (Who cannot wear a ring but instead has a tattoo of their mates name placed on their body in full view of witnesses to their joining) the ceremony is where the male  simply states his intentions and bonds his soul with his mates. For most this is where they celebrate the finding of their mates and signal their commitment in some manner in keeping with their own species.
3) The Ritual of maturity. This ritual is where some males of specific species are given the indications they need of their mates identities or, in some cases, certain images, to help them know their mate when they encounter them. Some have visions, some smell certain scents, while others are given a amulet or gem that glows or grows hot whenever their mate is near.
While not all species use or encounter the all seeing eye of the oracle, all of them are familiar and very accustomed to hearing from Alderdeen in some manner. Some while meditating daily, some with a connection to the earth itself, and still others within the magic they use and send out into the universe. All are connected to it and feels its spirit in some way.

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Alderdeen Culture

Family Types:
Alderdeen Cultures

Were families
Were families:
Weres are tribal. Their leaders are chosen from a series of tests and challenges held every 10 years, if a leader is not found after the traditional rites another challenge is held every 3 years until one is found. They are called the “Rites”
The leader serves for 10-15 years. The leader steps down once a suitable leader proves himself or herself. Anyone however, can challenge the leader, so long as more than three pack members demand it. The leader cannot find a mate and settle down until his/her term has been completed. Generally a pack leader is elected at top physical shape around 25-30 years of age. Weres tend to live double the number of years of humans, so having young at age 40-45 is adequate.
Were tribes:
Tribes are broken up by totem first and then by sub-types.

Elf Families
My Elves: (I will add to this post as ideas occur to me)
Main Classes:
Dark Elves
Light Elves
Sub- classes
High Elves: Royalty: Blue Hair, White Skin (High)
Moon Elves: Grey Skin, White Hair (Light)
Shadow Elves: Black Skin, Black Hair, Blue Eyes (Dark)
Blood Elves: Black Skin, Black Hair, Red Eyes (Dark)
Night Elves: Black Skin, Silver Hair, Silver Eyes (Dark)
Wood Elves: Brown Skin, Green Hair (Low)
Valley Elves: Brown Skin, Brown Hair (Low)
Desert Elves: Yellow Skin, Blonde Hair (Low)
Sun Elves: Bronze Skin, Red Hair (Light)
Avian Elves: White Skin, White Hair (Elemental)
Terra Elves: Brown Skin,  Black Hair (Elemental)
Incendian Elves: Red Skin, Red Hair (Elemental)
Aquatic Elves: Blue Skin, Blue and White Hair (Elemental)
Snow Elves: White Skin, Silver Hair (Elemental)
Length of life:
About 500.
Age 1 year of every 5 human years
Age: Elves live 5 times longer than humans. Therefore it is not unusual for them to live to the age of 500 or better. Quinn is approximately 175 years old (His brother, who is younger, is 150 or 30 human years old) Quinn is 35 in human years.
Stature: Naturally lithe, hallow bones made of dense material stronger than calcium. As a result all elves can lift 2x body weight easily, yet move very lightly from place to place. Naturally inclined to silent movement.
Primary languages: Gelfling (Fae language) and (Genasai) common Elf
Quinn raised his brother at the age of 40 (8 in human years…his brother was 15, 3 in human years) then went on to join the Red Silk Assassins once his brother came of age (90-18 human) (115 yrs old 23 human) His brother followed 2 years later, insisting on also avenging their family. Quinn trained with the Red Silks for 10 years and has been cultivating his position as an active spy for 2,
Ceremonial occassions:
Naming Day: Done just after birth.
2nd Name Day: Age 50 (10 in human years) where they learn the name of their mate.
Bonding celebration: Elven version of marriage.
Blessing day: The moment a pregnancy is discovered.
Elf Culture:
Elf Characteristics:
The hair of an Elf is generally kept long. It is quite rare to encounter an Elf that has cut or cropped hair. (Generally only assassins, arena fighters or those who want to reduce the ability of a adversary to use their hair to grasp them in a fight) The length of their hair is a matter of pride and vanity. Male, mated elves, usually wear their hair with braids, ornamentation and other additions to their look, as these additions are evidence culturally of their mates attentions and affections. Much time is spent happily, by a mated elf, in front of a fire as his mate dries his hair and attends to braiding and decorating it. It is considered a sign of a well-loved male.
When a male is single, he may sometimes allow a female he is close to the right to decorate his hair, generally, a younger female sibling or relative who is wanting to “pretend” or “practice” for her future mate. This is often accompanied by much teasing by other males who are single.
Elf blood, unlike human blood, does not react to oxygen when it comes into contact with open air. It remains the same color as the blood within the veins (which is to say blue) Elves convert oxygen the same as humans, breathing out CO2 and breathing in H20, but the make-up of their bones and tissue can exist with much less oxygen needed to sustain them. They are therefore, able to hold their breath for a much longer period of time than a human.
Though, an Elf knows his mate by her name (Which appears upon his body on his second naming day) he may also seek her vigorously through dream walking in order to actually locate her. After a naming day celebration has occured, the families of an elf will produce a list of mate names to be shared far and wide, these celebrations are highly anticipated and many elves have their mates located quite easily, however, some elves,if they are unable to locate their mates readily, will find success dream walking.  When an elf dream walks he follows the connected trail of his souline, which is silver in color and very thin. It can be followed in dream and used to enter his mates dream. Once contact is made an elf will be able to connect to this souline even while awake. Many choose to interact in dream over a course of several meetings, so as not to scare or frighten their mates when making first contact with them in person. This is also done to help them learn more about their mates personality, tastes and needs. After their mate is found, they generally find themselves able to track their mate using the souline if they are ever seperated from one another.
There is an extreme amount of tradition and ritual surrounding the courtship of a mate. The male will follow these rules to the letter.
Some of these examples include:
Fasting before their wedding.
Not eating his food until she has begun eating hers.
Providing for her needs and protection aggressively.
Wearing his hair down to signal he will have no other to decorate his hair but her.
To show her appreciation of her future mate when being courted
A female will generally go through various traditional signs that signals to all, including her future mate, that she finds him appealing, or desires him. (Some of these signs are intricate, something as simple as the way she has folded her outer dress can have a symbolic meaning attached to it)
Wearing a flower over her right ear signals desire.
If the flower is the color of the outfit he is wearing that evening she is signaling that she wishes his company during the meal or entertainment.
If she provides a meal and presents it to him, she is signaling that she is ready to serve his needs and accepts him as her mate. It is a moment of great honor and nerves for a female, as she must cook the entire meal herself and he must eat all of it, to indicate he accepts her love. (This will cause a great moment in the book as my character is a terrible cook and he has to force down the entire meal)
Another lovely moment is when the female is presented with a stylized brush and comb, generally a family heirloom passed from the father to the  elder son for his future mate. (Each child will be given such a gift for his mate, each being different depending on his status in the birthing order)
If his mate accepts the brush and comb, she will place herself behind her mate and proceed to braid his hair and show loving attention to him. This is done nervously by the female as generally she has never touched her mate before and has only ever braided the hair of “practice” males in her family. Since this is the first physical contact the female has with her mate, they both will be affected deeply. In elvin culture this moment as extremely sensual in nature, similar to how other cultures regard a first kiss or first time holding hands.
Elf style: Elves love their ornamentation to the point of being a bit vain.
The designs employed on their clothing is ornamental, elaborate, and highly stylized, but also practical. Generally cut for ease of use when riding horses, traveling great distances, and moving about in a variety of climates and temperatures, the clothing is close-fitting, highly taylored to the elf that wears it, and runs to colors that suit that particular type of elf.
Examples of types:
Long Coat
Leather split chaps for riding
Arm bands
Arm guards
Bow Slings and Arrow vessels
Colors run to shades that occur in nature (Browns, Rusts, Greens, Greys, Golds, Blues and Purples)
Elves love shiny metals like gold and copper, but lean towards silver as a favorite.
Gems such as Jade, Ruby, and other vibrant gemstones are highly used for broaches, cloak pins and other ornamantal jewelry.
It is common ton find Elves sporting piercings on their brow, mouth, ears and nose.
Elves only have a very short 10 year window, when they come of age, in which they are attracted to sex with anyone other than their mate (this applies both to male or females equally). Elves are extremely sexual, they are just not aroused by the idea of anyone but their chosen. During the coming of age, is the only time their sexual desire takes over and allows them to have sex with anyone suitably nearby. In fact, it is said that an Elf that has come of age will have a sex drive that makes those 10 years more than enough to make up for all other times in their life. Mating with multiple partners of both male and female genders, sometimes at the same time. An elf that is in their coming-of-age window is highly sought by single woman/men, due to this manic sex-drive that comes over them for this time-period. This elf is generally considered “useless” for anything else by their kind, as sex is all the elf can think about.
Once the window has passed the elf returns to normal, on or about, the date of  their second naming day, which locks his/ her heart, mind, and sexual needs onto their mate. A Elf that has discovered their mates name, is pretty much useless for sex after this ritual. The day before an elf has the second naming, is generally met with drinking and last minute attempts, by past sexual partners, to have a last go sexually.

Naga (m.) Nagini (f.)

The immortal naga are a class of semi-divine beings. Considered, half-human and half-serpentine. They are considered, strong, handsome, and can assume either completely human form or completely serpentine form for short periods of time, but only for one or the other not both. The form they take is determined by their birth parents. If the child is born with a snake head they will take on serpentine form, if they are born with human head they can assume human form. This is referred to as Human body Naga or Snake body naga (Referring to the type of body they transform into, not the body they use most of the time, which is usually snake lower half with either a snake head or human head)

Dominant genes:

Human body Father+ Human body mother = Human body.

Human body father + Snake body mother = Human body

Snake body father + Snake body mother= Snake body

Snake body father + Human body mother= Snake body

The father is the dominate gene in all cases except that of a immortal mating with a human. (See: mating with a human)

Mating naga with naga:

Female body nagini are extremely rare. Only 1 in 10,000 births result in a human body female.

On the flip-side snake body nagini are extremely plentiful, but by some genetic gene typing most females of this type are drawn to full snake or serpentine males. They consider human body males to be unappealing. This may be due to a more serpentine gene dominating factor or just plain preference for the same as themselves in appearance. Although they are very affectionate with their male cousins, these females tend to look for males that are either serpentine naga or not naga at all, but full snake for their offspring. For this reason male naga’s are almost as rare as female naga, but not a dying race.

This is due, in most part, to the fact that more than 30 male body naga have been granted immortality by the Sea god, Posiedon who was allied with the Hindu God of Storm Varuna, during the war of the Sea Gods. Which ended with many sea guardians lost. In return for the gift of immortality the 30 granted immortality took up the positions of the guardians that were lost.

Rare Female Naga:

All naga are generally gifted with magic affinity for some natural power (fire, water, earth, air), generally receiving a single magic affinity. However, the female human body naga is even more gifted for unknown reasons to do with their genetics, they generally receive three magical abilities. One is her magic affinity, generally based in nature, the other two tend to be of the mind or the physical body. Since the human body naga is so rare, her gifts are even more reverently regarded. The female snake body naga is often more predatory and hot tempered. They are carefully treated and given to open hostility towards the human body naga. Many believe this is pure jealous spite for either their magic or their appearance, but in truth, the female snake body naga is rarely of the mind that a human body naga is beautiful, feeling that the human body is repulsive, similar to the way they view the male human body naga. They are also less impressed by the female naga’s magic, as they are more maternal and less ambitious. The true reason most snake naga have hostility towards the human body naga is simply that they to not look like them and they do not find them with the same maternal instincts or viewpoints. There is probably some hostility over the human body naga being treated so reverently by others however, fueling the fire of animosity that already exists between them.

Mating with a human:

As a side effect of the immortal naga’s immortality and adaptation to the changing world, there came one mysterious genetic abnormality. The immortal males are able to mate with human females and produce human offspring, this abnormality produced a dominate female gene in response to the pairing of two differing species. In genetics the dominate gene is generally that of the male, but in the case of two unrelated species this is flipped and a human child is born in 9 of 10 pairings. Generally the immortal naga came to be seen as a God and worshiped for fertility. This was a sham created by females whom were pressured to produce male heirs and did not want their husbands the wiser as to how their pregnancies “really” came about.

Since 1 in 9 of the children were born naga male, complete with serpentine body, the child was often murdered upon their births or abandoned to their naga father to be raised. Since the dominate sex gene for the pregnancy was that of the male all children of these pairings would result in male offspring. These women would generally have an unfortunate “miscarriage” rather than have their misdeeds discovered by their mates. The discovery of the murdering of a baby naga out of their mothers womb angered the immortals and many vowed to never mate with a human female again. Other naga took steps to ensure that matings with human females no longer resulted in offspring by creating a contraceptive similar to the female pill for use by active males. The mating of naga and females continued, but the producing of offspring from these pairings became taboo, except in rare circumstances in which a rouge immortal mates/rapes a female human and does not claim the child, either because he has no knowledge of the pregnancy or because he has left her (as in the case of rape..even in those cases most males rape and then kill their female victims. In rare cases the raped female lives without the knowledge of the male and then abandons the child if it is naga.)

Most naga police each other and punish harshly any whom break the law. Immortals cannot die through normal means, but they can be killed by another immortal. If a counsel of the 30 deems it needful, they will hunt down a rogue naga and rip his body to pieces. This takes considerable strength, which is why only another immortal creature can do it. Though, any immortal creature can, generally it is the counsel who does the deed. Only 5 of the 30 naga has ever broken this law, and of those 5. 2 of the males professed to love the females who produced offspring. The females were found to return their feeling and the males were granted a pardon so long as the females gave up their rights to the child if ever the relationship ended. If a pairing was true the female would be offered the opportunity to bond with her mate and share his immortality. Of the two pairings only one survived the ritual to bond her to him.

Bonding ceremony:

Naga with Naga

The bonding ceremony is treated like a wedding ceremony. The families gather from many locales and celebrate with the couple before they bond. The male will often have his mates name tattooed upon his body in the ancient naga language. Showing her reverence and respect. He bites her on the back of the neck and the poison does not cause her harm. It is merely a way of showing dominance over her as the stronger of the two of them. This is done not to degrade the female, but to claim his right as her mate to care for her and their offspring. It is a marking of what is his. She in return then claims the right to name all of their children and oversee their training in the magic that becomes their affinity. He has no rights in regard to the magic training of the children but he does have a right to oversee his sons fighting and hunting training.

Immortal and Immortal Offspring Naga with human


The bonding ceremony is very painful and involves the male biting his human mate with the venom he uses to hunt in the water. The bite has a paralyzing effect on fish and other sea life, on a human it is often fatal as it can stop the heart from beating if too much venom is used. Naga can sense one who is about to die, and very rarely offer a bonding to a human who is not their mate. This offer is extremely rare because this ritual results in a bond that cannot be broken, even if the naga one day finds his true mate. Even more rarely, this bond can be used on one the naga has no romantic or sexual interest in, even going so far as to offer the bond to one who is the same sex, but not the same sexual preference. Once again, this is rare as it defaults the naga’s ability to bond with anyone else, even his true mate if she is ever discovered.

True Mate:

All naga males dream of meeting and mating with their “True mate”. No matter what body type the male is, he will know his mate by her scent. She will have three scents that appeal to the male. Each scent is known to him from his birth and is extremely private to him. Generally learning another naga’s scent markers is the equivalent of seeing your parents naked. It is uncomfortable and not discussed if it ever occurs. The three scents are generally complex and no two naga have the same three. When a male encounters his mate, he may not realize right away that the female is his intended mate. He must scent all three scents to confirm his suspicions. This is dangerous if two males in the same tribe have one of the same scent markers even if the other two scents are drastically different to one another. If a male believes a female may be his he will become possessive and have instincts to fight for the female he considers his possible mate. Even knowing that the other scents may prove her not to be his mate, he will react instinctively and go into fight stance. The elders of the tribe are expected to be on the look-out for just this type of issue, being the only member of the tribe allowed to know all the members scent markers. Luckily, most males that have a similar scent marker in common, are often moved to live in neighboring tribes so there is less chance of a bloody confrontation.

In the case of a human body naga it rare for him to find a mate compared to the snake body naga, the same can be said of the even more rare female body naga. Generally, the female body naga will give birth to a snake body naga, since the dominate gene is the males body type. If a female body naga is lucky enough to find a male body naga, they will have human body children. The chances of that child being female is higher with another human body naga, but still very rare only occuring in 1 in 100 pairings of that type. Then there is the rarity of the pairing to begin with making it even harder.

Immortal male naga offspring:

Immortal males have a very low chance of finding their true mate. Though, they live a very long time, not as long as their fathers, but about 1000 years. The fact that they are immortal born has a very strange side-effect for the human body naga, since he has human genes. His mate can be another species altogether. Not only human, but any other compatible species to human or naga. For example: Elf, Mermaid, Fairy, vampire or other humanoid or serpentine species.)One would think this would increased their chances of finding a mate, however, many naga never chance upon their mate simply by virtue of the differences in their locations. Though, many naga check out the local humanoid and serpentine communities in hopes of finding their true mate, there are just too many places in the world that their mate could be found, for the male to find his mate for certain. Even living as long as they do, the males live in doubt that their mate can be found. When a scent marker mix-up happens, where the male find a female with one scent marker in common with another male naga, terrible fighting can occur, always with the immortal male offspring the victor, and just as often learning he is not the mate intended. Due to this horrible possibility, most immortal male offspring choose to voluntarily live on their own from a young age. They do not feel the same as their other relations due to their parentage and lack of a female influence in the form of a mother, and thus tend to be loners from the outset. Generally these males, when they happen upon others like themselves, other male immortal born naga, they form loose family units, keeping away and to themselves but close enough to visit and assist on another. They generally share and trade favors with each other using their areas of natural magic affinity.

Character: “Zenarius”

He was born to a woman who was raped and was so ashamed of her pregnancy with a naga baby that she kept it a secret. She then gave birth to the child secretly and abandoned it near the river. He was found by an elder naga and brought to live with his family of snake body naga children and wife. Zen was called Imna, which is the naga name for bastard. Which he refused to answer to. The family was not unkind to him, but they did not work very hard to be kind either, not connecting to him due to his being an immortal born naga with human body. The two together was just too foreign to them. He left home very early to prevent issues with the other males of the house who had scent markers similar to his own. (2 in one household one with the same scent marker for Cinnamon and the other with the same scent marker for Green tea, His third marker is the scent of Cherries, which he has always refused to reveal, given that 2 of his scent markers are already known (this must have been very embarrassing for him as a youth) it is understandable.

When he discovered a sunken underwater temple, inside a cave, he felt it was perfect for his needs and moved in. He brought all the sunken treasures he found back with him and the palace is full of beauty. He found a male Elf being tortured by his own kind for his uncontrollable fire affinity that caused a horrible accident and saved him, bringing him back to his palace to live. Though, he himself fears fire (He is a water naga) he has lived with those that have fire affinity and eventually teaches the Elf how to control his magic. Though, they try to stay away from one another with regards to their living quarters, they help one another very much when water or fire is needed. (Z hates to be cold and enjoys a good fire for sleeping) He lets the fire Elf handle the tending of the fire and in return he catches the food and cleanses the latrines with water and waste-loving sea-life as well as providing a self cleaning hot steam pool for bathing (The Elf provides the heat stones magic)
The Shadowland Vampires:

In the Shadowlands the Vampires rule over all the night dwelling creatures. They are not evil creatures as folklore of other planets might indicate, in fact, the Shadowlands are a peaceful place with interesting and unusual creatures.

The Oracle of the Shadowlands.

The Glass oracle is used by all the creatures of the Shadowlands, but is primarily used for thinking creatures such as Vampires,Ghouls, Ghosts, Banshees, Witches, Warlocks, Shadow-dragons, Shadow-elves, Bajang, Boggarts, Furies, Gargoyles, Grims, Night-witches, Poltergeist, Will-o-the-Wisps,

Succubus, Shades, Wraiths, Sidhe cats, Sidhe wolves and Zombies. (22 Creatures types)

There are sub-creatures, such as greylings, which have no high thinking but are smaller thinking creatures that are treated and cared for here. Some such creatures are: Familiars, Torkins,Hellhounds, Grim dogs, and other pet-like creatures as are kept and cared for there.

The outer Oracle section is a center for healing, education, governing and mediation between species. The middle area is for ceremonies like season rituals by the witches, celebrations, selection of familiars, and other such community events, including a local goods market. The inner oracle, called the Chamber. Is where 3 important things occur and is specific to the Shadow-people.

1) Vampires are not naturally occuring creatures, though they now have biological children as a result of breeding, their species was first created by blood drinking demons that preyed upon humans in Earth history. The vampires created more of their kind the more humans they “Turned” inadvertently through feeding, though sometimes by choice to save a humans life. Vampires that exist now, in the Shadowlands, are not of this type. Those that do feed from humans find the bloodlust and feeding twisting their natures, which makes them no longer able to feel the oracle. They lose their souls and are not able to walk in sunlight, becoming truly dark people.

The Vampires of Shadowland, are actually not Dark or Blood vampires. They feed off of creatures called Torkins which were natives to this planet. Torkins are simple minded creatures that have an excess of blood created in their bodies. The overabundance of blood causes them pain if it is not released and this is seen by the darkening of their skin, which becomes darker the longer they go without being fed from. If a Torkin does not receive aid, they will self-mutilate to alleviate themselves of the pressure and pain of an overabundance of blood. This causes them to be targeted by predators and generally results in death. Vampires and Torkins live in a symbiotic relationship, in which the Vampires protect the Torkins from harmful predators, and the Vampires are freed from the dark thirst to feed from a human. Shadowland vampires, because of this, are saved from ever having tasted the blood of a human. Some that have been victim of demons and forced to drink the blood of humans are saved and recovered from evil, though it stains their souls for their entire immortal life.

Vampires are only completely able to be saved from ever turning, with the finding of their true life mate. Once a vampire has recovered from their changing ordeal, which can take many years, they are given the Rite of Allora, in which, if they survive the tempting of their nature (the oracle presents them with a human who smells of blood and they are, due to fasting, terribly hungry and without the use of a Torkin, The Vampire is thus tested and if they succumb are not allowed to seek their mate until they have passed further tests in a years time. If they do pass they are given a quest to locate their mate, by the oracle, and leave the same day to seek them with only a few simple, deliberately confusing clues to lead them.

If they find their mate, they are granted the ability to feed from their mate exclusively. Their mates blood is 10X more powerful and fulfilling than any other animal, though Torkins are still used for separations from their mate. The reason their mates blood is so desired is that they make the Vampire much more protected from ever being a Vamp who is mated no longer has a taste for human blood not his mates, which tastes completely different than a normal humans. The blood also affords stronger powers, strength, and healing to their mate. Generally the Vampire’s mate remains whatever species they were before they were turned. Though, there are sometimes surprises. Vampires are not all human creatures, but all of them can be tempted by the same species as themselves, which is the only blood the vampires crave. They find no sustenance from any other creatures, save the Torkins, and only from careful training their palate to accept the less fulfilling creatures blood.

Vampires can turn other creatures to Vampires but will only be drawn to the blood of creatures that are the same species as themselves. Only demons can change any species and drink blood from any they choose. If a vampire turns a human, that human will not be a full vampire, as only a demon attack results in a turned creature. They will instead be bound to the vampire and take on their attributes. They share the vampires immortality and thus take on Vampire traits, though, they have no need of vampire blood to sustain themselves. The turning is very painful and generally most turned creatures die during the transfer. When a vampire finds his mate, he generally takes them back to the oracle, who make the change painless for the mate.

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Zenarius & Lily

Backstory: Zenarius & Lily

Naga story:::::: Zenarius & Lily

Our story begins with a young slave girl who has hidden herself from the overseer in a small cleft of a cave. She is terrified but knows this is her only chance as she is slated to be sold the next day to an owner who enjoys inflicting pain. The only reason she knows is that her current employer was gossiping about the coming change and how irritating it would be to train a new girl to do her hair and clothing. No concern for the child who had been her servant for 10 years, only concern for her inconvenience, a common reaction from the type of alien she is, but cold nonetheless.

Lily, our slave, hid herself inside a waste barrel that was being dumped from the ship. She may not smell good, but she is alive. She quickly hid herself in the cave until the ship left the area, but is attacked by a creature that is frightened by her presence in its cave. She stumbles away injured. She is unequipped for the blistering cold, since she had no idea where they landed, or what climate she would encounter when leaving the ship. She stumbles through the wilderness seeking some kind of cover before the ship returns looking for her. She grows so cold that she is unable to still her shivering. She comes upon another cave, but fears to enter as this may be another inhabited cave. Since she is so cold there is no choice and she enters. She finds that the cave is connected to another larger cave. She finds a room where furs and other warm cloth is kept and slips underneath them hoping she can sleep and leave before anyone discovers her.

Unfortunately for her, she is very ill from the cold and doesn’t wake when someone enters. The scent of an intruder draws the Naga who discovers the shivering and half-dead girl suffering from fever and its effects. He moves her to a warmer location and tends to her, coldly considering leaving her outside, or at least talking about it, which we later learn is something he could never have actually have done. He is very careful with his claws, not wanting to hurt her. She wakes suddenly and is incoherent and hallucinating. She sees him in this state and assumes he is an angel, which is what she calls him. He snorts at this and touches her face. She blacks out again. Missing, of course, the fact that his human torso ends in a snake-like body. He is a Naga and has every reason to hate humans, but somehow he cannot help but help her, seeing her vulnerability, for the moment stopping his normal bitterness towards humans. He is actually very lonely having very little contact with others. He reasons that he is only healing her to get rid of her.

She eventually wakes to find herself in a lavishly decorated room, almost too lavish as it is completely decorated in the spoils and treasures of sunken ships and with rich cloths and tapestries from worshipers that use to frequent the temple before it sank under the sea and eventually became a cave of sorts. (The earth and debris forming a cave-like pocket of air when the sunken city finally settled to the bottom of the sea.) This is where “ her Angel” came to live when he set out to for a place of his own to be free of constrictions and derisive comments about how he was conceived. His name is actually Zenarius, but she refers to him as Angel, until she learns it.

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Jade & Sai Kai (Further Development)

Couple backstory: Jade & Sai Kai Onwai

Dragon story: The Alderdeen Dragons

Jade was sold to a slave ship by her own foster parents. She has been a slave for 20 years and is 28 years old. She escaped when she came to this planet and discovered she has magic here. She has the ability to access a library that she is magically linked to, yet she doesn’t know how)

Jade has escaped her slave ship and has been hiding for 3 months in the forest of Alderdeen, Eastern section. Near the Dragonland called Blood-Stone Mountain, thus called for the rich blood red colored stone that is mined from there. She happens upon a scene of a dragon being attacked by creatures that mean to sell the creature to high paying aliens.

The dragon would usually be equal to the challenge of fighting these creatures, being a young and healthy single male dragon, but he is hampered by his attempt to protect a female dragon and her eggs. The eggs are not yet hatched and clearly unable to be moved easily to safety. Since there are 2 of them the dragon is unable to move them. The female dragon has already been slain when he happened upon the scene. The female dragon was of a completely different type to the fighting dragon, but he stopped to help anyway and has been attacked and injured badly as a result. He refuses to leave the eggs and is starting to lose the battle, as his injuries are extensive.

Jade has become very good at using her bow and arrow and she takes aim and immediately kills two of the attacking creatures, which look like centipede creatures with strong metallic segments, by aiming between their segments, she knows how to kill these creatures having interacted with them as a slave. Seeing how she defeats the creatures the dragon uses her methods and kills 2 more, she sees he is not going to last much longer and decides on a plan to lead the centipeds away from him, she lets them see her and they give chase, knowing she is an escaped prisoner and the bounty on her head is extensive, they will not be able to resist getting both the dragon price and the bounty for her.

She has taken a very big chance of being recaptured in order to help this creature, but cannot allow something she heard stories about as a child, to be murdered in front of her. She runs and 2 of the creatures give chase, leaving 3 others to subdue the injured dragon. Only Jade’s attack has taught the dragon how to kill these creatures and they are swiftly dispatched. Which is a good thing, because the dragon is almost out of strength. He drags himself and the two eggs as far as he can, covers them and himself with a invisibility spell and collapses.

Jade is able to lose the creatures by climbing among the trees, something she learned how to do while cutting fruit from the high trees of the harvesting planets she has visited as a slave. The centepeds manage to injure her, but she soon has them lost among the trees. She has to circle back before they call re-enforcements and finish them off. She succeeds in doing so and then checks to be sure the dragon has gotten safely away. She finds that he has gone and turns to make her way back to her home, only to hear the cracking of the eggs, which are very loud and musical, and very close by..only hidden by the invisibility spell. This, she realizes, is not going to protect them for long. She makes her way to the invisible dragon and determines that the eggs are, indeed preparing to hatch. She comes up with a plan.

The next chapter we see Jade dragging a very large dragon into her cave, after obvious hardship to get him there. The baby eggs have been placed in a roaring fire to keep them warm and there is evidence that the cave has been crafted carefully to lead smoke away from the cave without giving hint of its being there. The eggs are still making musical sounds, but they are somewhat muted now that the fire is keeping them warmer. The original sound being loud as a result of struggling dragons cold from lack of fire. Jade has placed the fire as far back in the cave as possible to hide the sound of the babies from being heard outside the cave.

Once the dragon is in the cave Jade uses a special broom to hide the dragging marks and then rolls a huge boulder into a channel in the floor so that is slides in front of the cave opening. We can tell that she has been here a fair while and has created a very well protected home. She lights a few wall-mounted light braziers and moves to locate the still invisible dragon. She mutters to herself that for an invisible dragon he sure was heavy and how she must have looked hilarious to any creatures who could have seen her, dragging what appeared to be nothing across the forest floor with no little difficulty.

She glares at the dragon, but in a non-convincing show of pique. She is too clearly entranced by him to pull off true annoyance. She cannot see the injured dragon, but attends to him as best she can by feel. She sews his injuries and curses once or twice as she pricks her own skin a time or two while sewing him up. She clearly knows about tending injuries on the fly and has prepared healing slaves and medicines for him. She mutters that she hopes she got the dosage correct. She completes her work and then checks on the eggs. She decides they are not ready to hatch completely and that it will be several more days before they emerge from the eggs. This she seems to know from a book she has near her and is checking to be sure she is gauging the shell colors correctly. Just as the reader is getting curious as to how she can have a book on dragons in her possession and how, we see how when she mutters a spell and the book shrinks into a tiny size, which she places in a small knapsack. Clearly she is more than human.

She then mutters about how she has never known any dragons, in the agricultural sect or any sects she has heard of who look quite like the dragon she is tending to, the ones in the eggs are clearly of another type. She has never encountered a dragon like him. The reader realizes that Clover is a person who tends to talk to herself at this point.

Feeling extremely tired and after placing more logs on the fire to ensure the eggs are ok, she tends her own cuts, eats from some pan of stew of some kind and then curls up, exhausted, and goes to sleep. She wakes suddenly to a strange sound. She jolts awake to find a man standing next to her, looking her over. He has piercing blue eyes, a lithe and strong body covered in blue tattoos, and a cloth covered injury, strangely, in exactly the same place as her invisible dragon.

Si Kai is a dragon with the power to shape-change into a man, a fact he will come to remind Jade, over and over again. He is not a man, he is a dragon who can take the form of a man, a very important distinction. They have kept this a secret from the slave traders that have invaded his world for over 100 years now. He reveals his secret now, because he has no choice. He must protect the baby dragons and he can only do that by minimizing his injuries and changing into the form of a man, Smaller body, smaller injury. Since he is in a cave with Jade, and cannot seem to figure out how to open the door, much less get the dragon babies out with him, and considering they are about to be hatched any day now and he has never birthed baby dragons before. He is kinda stuck trusting her. Of course, he kinda owes her his trust anyway, considering she just saved his ass more than once. Now if only he can keep her from sticking him with a weapon while he explains he is, in fact, the same dragon she thinks is sleeping invisibly 10 feet way, he might be able to convince her that he is, in fact, the Dragon man of her dreams.

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Alderdeen: Premise

Alderdeen Premise:


Year 3030

When the aliens came, they brought new technology, new fashion, new food, and entertainment. They brought culture and new ways to display wealth. Humans, already addicted to acquiring and purchasing of commercial goods as a means of proving their prestige, suddenly found themselves surrounded by millions of things they wanted, badly, to own and use.

The problem was, they did not have anything to trade that the aliens did not already have. Except..their planet. Slowly, over time, more and more humans moved off-planet and sold their land to the only to happy to oblige aliens. The lure of traveling to other planets and seeking their fortunes and adventures elsewhere was a draw that became more important than their home world. The problem is, of course, that there is only so much land available to sell and only the really rich who could find a way to obtain these things, and then sell them.

Humans began to ask what else the aliens wanted that they could offer up. The answer was, of course, human slaves. Wealthy aliens did not want to do their own menial duties. The more wealth they had, the less inclined to do menial or mundane tasks themselves. Aliens, the wealthy ones, are often oblivious to the worth of what they consider lesser beings. Humans, the selfish and greedy ones, began to bargain with the aliens for alien currencies and favors. The began selling their children, their siblings, their elderly, all in return for alien currencies, or credits, that could buy just about anything a power hungry, social climbing, status desiring human could want on this planet, or others.

When this moral and ethical core was breached, humans went further and further afield from their moral and ethical teachings. They began to sell more than just their own families. They began to arrange kidnappings, abductions, slave tradings in return for credits and promises of lucrative favors. Earth became a lawless place with wild west rules and horrendous histories of abuse.

Those who disdained these practices and attempted to correct these atrocities were slowly betrayed and murdered. Many families hid and secluded themselves trying to get away from these happenings. Some were successful, creating rebel strongholds and places for people to go and be safe, but many of these places were infiltrated and corrupted from the inside.

The problem was, that anyone could be corrupted or turned by promises of protection, income, or safety if they did what the aliens wanted. In this way the aliens overtook planet Earth and humans became known throughout the galaxy as creatures without a planet. For their own planet was no longer truly theirs. It was, in the end, completely overwhelmed with rich and powerful aliens.

Some humans became the property of land-owners who traveled the universe buying property from planet after planet and cultivating the earth. Some mined, some grew food crops, some raised animals, all of them used humans and other lowly creatures and aliens of conquered planets to do the work they deemed too mundane or menial for them. They made income from the harvesting of these endeavors.

As the rich got richer and more powerful, there emerged a resistance to these excesses. Goodness had not died, it had just hidden to recover itself, and now..a little bit of each planet, was starting to rebel against its captors. In subtle unseen ways, the hidden inhabitants of the subjugated planets began to take steps to gain back their strength and rights to freedom. Each planet, in its own way, began to plan the means by which to claim back its planet for its people. Some succeeded and some failed. All of them tried. This is the story of one of those planets, Alderdeen.

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Interview with the Prince of Thieves

Interview with the Prince of Thieves
By Bexley Benton

Interview with the Prince of Thieves
By Bexley Benton
Alderdeen Chronicle
Saturday, December 05, 2015
1:22 PM
I eagerly looked toward the door, anticipating the appearance of my next interesting interview. His name is Qwillian, and he is brother to my last interviewee, Quinnley Dell. If Quinn made a stir among the patrons, Qwillian, rumored to be an elf of lusty inclinations and with an eye for the ladies as well as, his deserved reputation as a master thief, he was certain to get his fair share of pub reactions, both from the men and the ladies alike, and I certainly didn’t want to miss it, only, he seemed to be late. 5 minutes past the hour and he was yet to show.

“What are we looking for?” a soft voice whispered into my ear, making me jolt in my seat, I hadn’t heard anyone approach. I looked over and found myself literally nose-to-nose, with a sea of blue,  his eyes shone brightly in the darkened pub revealing his Fae heritage. Eyes that were contemplating me very, very closely. I could smell his breath, a heady mix of cinnamon, ginger wine, and apple? He smiled then, and my mind went completely blank. He was crouched on the floor next to me, as if he had been perched there for some time. It unnerved me.

“” I shook my head like a dog “SNAP OUT OF IT!” I reminded myself that I was a professional and needed to get the job done. I lifted my hand and  pushed against his chest, his very dark, very bare chest, save for a small blue vest, mutely demanding space. Was that a six-pack? Oh, my.

He leaned back on his heels, propping one of his elbows on his knee, while the other held his chin in contemplation of me. He looked down at my hand, smiled and nodded in approval. Laughter filled his eyes when I saw where his eyes had gone and snatched my hand back in embarrassment.
“Full-figured, but with very nice curves. He quirked an eyebrow, “I like myself some curves, so no bother.”
I huffed at his comment, I knew I was full-figured, had always been so, I grew up in a family that enjoyed food. Curves? Humph!, no one ever noticed I had them before, generally it was more my weight and hair that people noticed. Someone was trying to snowball me. I put on my professional reporter voice. “Do you mind sitting down? ” I cleared my throat, “So, we can begin” I squeaked when his hand shot out and grasped my chin. He was suddenly very serious, and slightly dangerous.

“We shall begin in a moment. I like to know who I am speaking with, before I go disclosing my personal information. You doubt my word about the curves, but I never speak false when it comes to women and their bodies. Elves can’t naturally lie. We can confuse, distract, even manipulate, but direct questions we will answer with only truth. Do you want to know what I have learned about you so far, lovely Bex?”

I looked at him in surprise. I had not expected this. I nodded.. Inwardly realizing that this was the second Dell that had me nodding mutely during an interview. What is it about this family that always renders me speechless? Is this something to do with elves as a race, or this elf family in particular?

He stood swiftly walked to the stool across from me, pulled it out, and sat, all in one fluid movement. It was like watching a dancer.

“You are a fidget type. You don’t necessarily need movement, but your mind races and you need an outlet when sitting. You literally have conversations with yourself, in your head. Your hands are never still , you pluck at anything near you. Your mind never really conscious of the object you are holding, since generally your mind is elsewhere.” He nodded at my hand on the salt shaker, I looked down in surprise, then, hastily put it down.  “You like yourself, but you don’t expect others to do so, you actually assume they won’t understand you, which is either from experience, or lack of self-confidence . You have an unconscious ease about you, though you are never still. Your eyes interest people because it contains more knowledge than you show outwardly. You have deep thoughts, and it makes others wonder what you are thinking. You dress down, as if wanting to fade into the background. You have a desire to know things, which makes your job choice the right one for you. Which, shows you know yourself very well indeed. Your sexuality is the most interesting, as you have a sensuality that simmers below the surface and it is…” he paused contemplating me “extremely sultry.” I felt my face blush scarlet. I unconsciously moved my hand, but caught his smirk and dropped it back to my side, pretending I had not been intending to pick up the salt shaker again. “You like to be the one asking the questions, but not for control, though you do like too dominate slightly, you just have a lot you want to know about things, your curiosity Is worse than a cats. You are also kind and gentle.”

I stopped him with a hand on his arm. “Ok, no more.” I  tried making  my voice more authoritative, then paused, realizing I might have hurt his feelings. “Please”. I whispered embarrassed, “I…you see too much, can’t we just.” I gestured to my notepad. His eyes softened.

“As you like” he nodded,”Ask your questions lovely Bex.”

I cleared my throat. He was not at all what I expected. He was definitely hot. All elves are hot, lets be honest, but..his sexiness was slightly overshadowed by a sense that he was watching, listening, noticing everything. He was also very perceptive. I had no doubt he would have gone on for some time, and in greater depth, even this surprising quality wasn’t as shocking as his kindness. He exuded control and cleverness, but something about the way he spoke, his voice was gentle, soft, and very dangerous.

“Ok,” I cleared my throat.

“You are  Qwillian, and your brother is Quinn. Your personalities are different, but also similar.”

“Quinn is quiet, he likes to think, he is not expressive. Me? I like the sound of my own voice.” He smiled without an ounce of self-consciousness. “We both know how to be still and how to notice details. Quinn is, slightly shyer than I.” He paused when I scoffed. The man I met had not appeared in the least shy.

“Quinn likes to read. He has a poetic heart and a romantic soul, something inside him was deeply hurt the day his mate-mark didn’t appear. He puts on a hard act,  but the truth is, he is in pain, because the one thing he has always desired has been denied him.” He sighed. “When our parents died, Quinns one secret hope, was that one day he would have a family of his own. A mate who would accept him and love him. Provide him with children. Maybe not fill in his hearts holes, as no one can truly replace the family we loved, but certainly give him new spaces to fill with something solid to hold onto when times are loneliest. He cut his hair. You noticed this?” I started. I had not expected this question.

“ Is that not a normal trait among elves?” I had not realized it to be strange at the time, but now that I thought about it, I realized, that Quinn was the only elf I had ever seen with short-cropped hair.

“Don’t elves normally have,” I gestured to the elaborate braid down his own back, festooned with feathers, beads and other various ornamentation.

“Yes, it is an elves honor, his hair. It is decorated, when he is young, by his sisters and cousins, but that is merely because he indulges them. Later, when he finds his mate, it is a mark of pride. It is a way for his mate to lavish care and attention upon him, to show he is much loved and very, very taken.” He smiled to himself, perhaps recalling some memory. “He does the same for her, it is very intimate and the very first way that she flirts with him. When they court, before their bonding ceremony, this is one of the first rituals she will perform for him, showing him her interest in front of others.” He looked at me sadly, “This is one of the ways that my brother shows his suffering. He cuts off his hair, it is like a reminder to himself, of what was taken from him, when our parents were lost. He cannot forgive, he cannot forget. He will have revenge instead, it is all he believes he has left to him.” looking at my face he nodded at what he saw there. “Yes, you understand now. My brother, who might have been kind, romantic and gentle, seeks now only revenge. He wants only death for his pain. I believe it lives in him still, a small spark, but if he has his revenge, what then? He cut off his hair because he wants everyone to know, that he is no longer elf. He is assassin.”

“What about you? Do you seek only revenge, have you no one?” I asked quietly not wishing to interrupt, but needing to know, for myself, if I am honest, more than my readers, who I was certain, would also be interested.

“Me? Quinn is my brother, he is my family. I will do what I can for him. As for love and family to keep me grounded, I have my ladies. Ah! You misunderstand” he chided seeing my expression, but did not explain further. I opened my mouth to ask for more information, but he spoke again distracting  me.

“I am a thief. I like the challenge of besting someone. Anyone can rob a fool and make off with his coin, anyone can steal from a poor man. Anyone can steal from those who have no defenses of their own. Poor people haven’t time to learn to prevent themselves from being taken, they are too busy just trying to keep enough to survive. No, my desire is to best the ones that steal from the poor ones. I enjoy doing what is considered impossible. I like making those that cheat others worry. I like making them sweat, get angry, curse my name.”  He laughed out loud in derision. “I enjoy, very much, making the rich feel what its like to be at the mercy of another. For the rich, it is not about money, you see. Its about power, holding something that another needs desperately, and denying it to them. They don’t stop at money. They take things that are not meant to be stolen. Innocence, hope, and faith. These are things, that even a rich man should leave well alone. A rich man who only steals coin, I can understand, but one who steals more than coin, those that take more than they have a right, crush innocence, take something vital, just because they can, those are my victims.”

I was startled mute. I had never considered a thief to be noble before.

“Alderdeen is a planet in pain. It has suffered from attacks and sieges. Its people are strong though, there are rebellious factions and they mean to win back our freedom.”

“Do you speak of the Red Silks? The secret assassins that everyone whispers about?” I gulped. “They say that anyone who speaks of the Red Silks are immediately arrested and interrogated.” I spoke of the warning, but the truth was, this was what I wanted to know. This was my true interest in the Prince of thieves.   I had been intrigued by the Red Silks from the start of my career, which wasn’t all that long, less than a year. They had appeared just recently in Alderdeen. Rebels who targeted the heads of the Blood trade market. 3 high level Princes had died so far, murdered in their homes in the middle of the night, even while guarded and protected by armed guards, border alarms and enchantments. They killed without mercy, silently without a single victim raising the alarm. They left no trace that they had ever been there, nothing truly left to connect the murders to one another, not even  the method of death being the same each time,  nothing to connect them except for the single long slender red silk ties left with the victims, as a warning or a threat to others, no one was entirely certain. They had become known far and wide as The Red Silk Assassins, the  stories whispered in dark corners and behind hands.

“The Red Silks are said to be assassins, they say they only care about killing, that they are heralded as heroes of Alderdeen, but are just rabid wolves who thrive on death and destruction. What do you think?”

Qwill studied me closely.

“The Red Silk Assassins are the answer to Alderdeens oppression. Look around and notice. The low people speak to one another now. They make eye contact and notice one another. They whisper about the deaths.  When they speak of the assassins, there is hope in their eyes, a hope that many have not had in years. Many of these people.” He gestured widely to the room, no longer speaking quietly, but taking on a definite tone of lecture or speechmaking.  The bar was dark but crowded and doing a brisk business. The various  patrons had mostly pretended not to be listening to our conversation, but when the word “Red Silk” had been spoken, there had been a definite pause to the sound in the room.  Now, they all looked carefully over and there was an awareness I had not noticed previously, some reporter I am. I didn’t even notice we were being observed. “Many of these people”  he continued, “Have watched a loved one drained of blood right in front of them, and those were the lucky ones, the ones not killed outright were taken as  slaves to the blood trade or concubines to the highest paying off-worlder ship, made to harvest crops on other planets until the day they die from exhaustion. Most of those taken are women and children, cut off from their loved ones and often never seen again. The children grow up never knowing about their own culture, their own people.” He sat down again, his voice tired and angry.
“If the Red Silks are not more than wolves, then I welcome them, just the same. There is hope for our people with every death of a blood trader. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.” he met the eye of many a patron just after his impromptu speech was done. I was impressed, and a little in awe of his bravery.

“Aren’t you afraid that you will be arrested? If anyone here..”

“Do you think my choice of pub was an accident?” he smiled slyly. “This pub, is secure with only certain clientele allowed to enter.” He shared a nod with the bartender, who refilled a pint nearby. The man nodded softly to Qwill acknowledging him with an uttered “Boss”

“BOSS?” I stared back at Qwillian in shock.

His laughter was loud and long. The patrons  joining in clearly delighted by the subterfuge they had pulled off at my expense. Cloaks were discarded and differing species were revealed Fae, Were, even a few Gargoyles were in careful attendance.

“Yes, Boss. Even a thief needs a legitimate place to work”

I realized I had been had from the very beginning. Qwill had never arrived the pub to meet me, he had been here all along. This pub was full of his own men, er…people, I amended my thoughts, when my eyes fell on a few female weres looking me over with undisguised interest .

“Why? I asked” looking him straight into the eye. “Why have you really agreed to my interview? Why, all of this?” I gestured to the elaborate plotting to make the pub appear normal and the disguised patrons.

He gazed at me a moment.

Do you remember when I was describing you as this interview began, that I said that you are kind and gentle?”


“You stopped outside a brothel once. Where a woman was being beaten by a patron of that place. You saw what was happening and you grabbed his hand, stopped his fist. You stepped forward and prevented his action, even though the woman was clearly just a whore. You were thrown to the ground and told to not meddle in the affairs of others. He tossed some coins at her feet and strode away, promising you retribution for your interference. He left only because the Drakken-riders were coming to investigate. You took off your head-scarf and staunched the bleeding of that woman. Gathered up the coin and made her take it, telling her that his coin should go to something more valuable than that mans pocket and not to be ashamed to use it for that kind of good.”

I was struck speechless. How had he known? I had lost my job after that action. It was why I was now an independent reporter working for a very low paying press. I wasn’t sorry though, I was glad. The press I worked for now was small, but we had become like a family. That day had changed my life.

“There is nothing in this town that escapes my notice. What  is not witnessed by me, is witnessed by others and shared, sometimes freely, sometimes for coin.” He sat back and made a motion with his hand, suddenly the pub went back to being noisy and disinterested in our conversation once more.

“Why?”  I asked again.

“We want your help. We need your help, to get the word of the deeds of the Red Silks to the people of Alderdeen. To give them the truth, but more than that, to give them the unvarnished truth. We need someone like you, lovely Bex, to report the truth and not be swayed by those who would stop you or be swayed by pressure, like the other press would be. Your group is small, only 3 of you?” I nodded

“Yes, 3 of us. Me, my friend Danika, and her husband Froy. We run a very small press. Just enough money from the ads to feed ourselves.” I blushed. I had been trying for weeks to hide the fact that our circulation was not as prestigious as I pretended it to be, for this interview, and the other. Seems I need not have bothered. They apparently hadn’t been fooled for a second.

“Do you think your friends might accept my offer?”

“What is your offer?” I asked looking at him with no lack of concern.

“We give you inside information, share with you the things we learn, before anyone else. Make sure you and your friends are safe, protected, and warned of anyone who moves to shut you down. Provide you with the means to increase your readership with exclusive information, and you in return, promise to keep the identities of your sources private. Get the truth out there helping those who need hope.”

“It could be dangerous, I…I don’t know”

He looked at me for a moment. “You have already decided to do it Bex, or you would have left already.”

I gulped. He wasn’t wrong..”My friends.”

“Will be protected. I promise.” His eyes told me everything I needed to know. My friends had come with me when I left the paper. They believed as I did, that Alderdeen deserved an honest and incorruptible paper.  I blew out at my bangs, and did what I always seemed to do around these Dell Elves.

I nodded.

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Interview with a Shadow Elf

Interview with a Shadow Elf
By Bexley Benton

Interview with a Shadow Elf
By Bexley Benton
Alderdeen Chronicle
Wednesday, December 02, 2015
11:57 AM
As he walks into the room I am hit with the difference in his height to the others occupying the space within the dark pub. Elves tend toward 8-9 ft tall, with lithe figures and sharp facial features. Many Fae have unusual hair depending on their clan and history. They also live 5 years for every one humans live. Elves, therefore, can live quite easily to 500 years of age.
My interview today will be with Quinnley Dell, one of the last remaining Shadow Elves. I am told there are two, his brother being the other member. They were adopted into the Moon Clan at the death of their parents during the migration from the human world into Alderdeen. His skin is ebony with flecks of grey similar to freckles sparsely sprinkled upon his skin. His hair is also ebony, a deep and thick mane of severe skull-cut hair. He turns his eyes toward me, sensing me, I cannot contain the gasp of shock as his flame blue eyes look directly into mine. Even from across the room, his physical presence is intimidating. Others sensing something dangerous in his bearing, move self-consciously out of his way, some braver souls sneering at him as they move, but still moving out and quickly away, not wishing to test their interior theories, one way or the other. Some he looks at with mocking disdain, others with a clear challenge. He nods only once, at a group of Fae Elvin, sitting at a far corner table. As is with all Fae, they speak silently and with their eyes. They hold his gaze for a few beats and then nod, in reply to some unknown communication.
I stop thinking as he is suddenly before me and I am gazing upward at him, my neck hurts.
“Please sit down.” I nod to the chair across from me. ” Shall I order you a pint?”
He seats himself gingerly, sizing me up.
“Two, since you are offering, I might as well have my fill.” He waits for me to protest, when I don’t, merely gesturing to the barman to bring us 2 pints (both for him) he appears thoughtful.
“You have no objections?”
“No, I don’t drink myself, but a few pints is the least I can do.” He thinks about my response, but does not comment further.
“So,” I awkwardly finger my notebook. His silence is making me nervous. The last interview I had, was with a Merman, I couldn’t get him to stop talking for more than a few seconds at a time, this silent regard was slightly intimidating in comparison. ” Do you…”
“Before we begin, I will make a few things abundantly clear, I decide if the question gets answered. If I don’t answer, you don’t ask again. You just go on to the next question, understood?”
“But what.…” He cuts me off again
” These are the terms, do you accept?” I can only nod. Though my mind is racing, and I am wondering if I am going to keep control of this interview. He leans over and runs his fingertips down my face. I flush, but keep eye contact, this is MY interview.
I wait until the barman sets down the pints and makes off with a few of my gold coins before responding.
“This is my interview. I will write the story as I see fit, no matter how you respond. It’s my story”
“You only think you write the story. The truth is, you steer it, it goes where it wants. If you learn that, you will always have good responses. ” He sits back and regards me.
“Alderdeen is not some little story you have concocted, though, as the creator of the article you are writing, you might feel as such. You might think you can write anything you want, make me into anything or manipulate the facts to suit you readers. The truth is, Alderdeen exists as itself. It doesn’t need your permission to be what it is. It will not be what it is not. If you attempt to make it what it is not, it will not go well for you. The dark and the sharp will cut you. There are no gentle or soft angles to be worked. There is harshness and despair. This is not a fairy story, this is a place that is at war. There will be disgusting truths that you want to curl away from or not see, but not seeing, doesn’t make them not exist. I tell you this, because you seem to have stars in your eyes. Don’t tell people who I am, let them figure out who I am, from what I say, not from how you write me to appear. Alright?”
Again, I nod.
“Ask your questions”
I fix him with a steady eye.
“Answering my questions or not, doesn’t mean I won’t ask the ones I feel compelled to ask, even if you don’t intend to answer.”
His lips twitched. He seemed almost proud of me for some reason.
“Ask your questions” he spoke more softly. I cleared my throat. He really is quite overwhelmingly gorgeous.
“What is your full name?”
“Quinnley Desparious Nexus Allbright Shallandorian Pixtassus Ferrix Dell”
“That’s a really long name”
“Elves are named for their lineage. Each name is that of the paternal or maternal parent that came before, those of my parents and grandparents.” “Desparius from my father, Nexus from my mother. Allbright from my paternal grandfather, Shallandorian from my paternal grandmother, Pixtassus from my maternal grandfather, and Ferrix for my maternal grandmother. Dell is my fathers surname and the name of his clan.”
“Wait, didn’t you say Desparius was from your father? I am confused.”
“Desparius is my fathers first name, only the male parent is given the first name instead of the last name in the line-up, the last name of my father is always his clan name thus, it is used last. Denoting what clan he is from, It is considered a mark of honor to pass on that name, It is the name my children would have had. Since my brother and I are the last of our clan, we can no longer use it. We would have to select a new clan name, by which my child would be known. This is the reason a child is given his fathers first name as his second name.”
“Why couldn’t you just use the same clan name? I mean, your brother and you make a clan, don’t you?”
“Clans have a governing body. There must be more than 2 members to be considered a clan. To be recognized by other governing clans, you cannot be the only one making decisions. Therefore, there must be, at least, 3 other family lines that contribute to the overall clan body. Because of this, our clan name dies with us. No other clans would recognize us as true Elvin, able to make decision and law for our people. It doesn’t matter in our case regardless.”
“What do you mean?” He looked like he did not want to answer, but appeared to reconsider in the end.
“We, my brother and I, lost our parents before our naming day. A naming day” he continued seeing the question in my eyes. “Is a special day for an Elf, it is the day he learns the lineage and name of his fated mate. Her name, and that of her lineage appears on his arm here..”. He cupped his left shoulder which, given what he had just told me, was startlingly bare of a single mark. My heart leaps in concern, what did the absence of this mean for his and his brothers future? “The naming day is usually held when the elf is old enough to be considered a middle-aged adult, in human terms. Elves think of their offspring as young until they bond to their mate. When it appears the family of the mate is contacted and they share details about their children. The children are not allowed to meet until they are ready to be bonded, if they were to see one another before it was properly timed, they would sicken any time they were separated from one another. Which is a might difficult on an elf that has just come down from their sexual awakening.”
“Sexual Awakening?” I squeaked. He smiled then, a real smile that went all the way to his eyes. I won’t lie, it make my pulse pound and my breath catch. Wow, he was truly sexy.
“Elves mate for life, they want no other from the moment they join, it is as if they have found their physical and emotional match. They do not need, nor desire, anyone else the rest of their lives, in fact, any time separate from their mate derives continuous and growing physical pain. Like an ache in your entire body. However, for a 10 year window, when they hit maturity, an elf has a sexual awakening. Where they can, and do, participate in sex with multiple partners over those 10 years” Ten years to an elf, is likened to only 3 years, for a human. A very short window, in an elf’s lifetime.
“Multiple partners?” I gulped
“Sometimes even at the same time? And of more than one sex” His grin could only be described as lascivious.
“But, what about your future mate, wouldn’t she/he be…bothered by..” I paused embarrassed, my face was clearly quite red. “You know, a mate having freely done..THAT..with a bunch of others before finding them?”
“We are not human. We are elf, we are extremely sexual creatures. Just because there is only one we want for the rest of our lives, doesn’t mean we never experience sexual pleasure before that mate is found or bonded with us.”
“So, the sexual awakening..”
“Generally happens 10 or more years before the name of their mate is revealed. It is only the seeing of their mate before they are meant to be revealed that causes this unique problem. It rarely happens. Generally, the magic selects one that is from a differing clan, and within the clans, females are not brought before clans during any shared clan meetings.”
“That seems, a little sexist”
“Females are protected by their clan. Bringing them among males who are experiencing their sexual awakening has, in past history, caused many clan wars and bloodshed. It might seem sexist, but you must remember, that it is not only the males having a sexual awakening.”
“Oh…” I considered this with realization dawning.
“Besides” He smiled that naughty smile again “Elvin women like their mates to have experience in lovemaking. They know their mate will bond with them for life, that there will be no other he wants, for the rest of her life. The same will go for her. Thus, ” he shrugs “Unlike human females, our females tend to freely accept and enjoy the before stage of bonding to her mate by experiencing many forms of sexual gratification. After all, she will eventually want only one for the rest of her days. Might as well make the time before memorable”
“So, you are saying she has no reason to doubt him once they are bonded, so she doesn’t mind him sowing his wild oats before that day?”
“Exactly, she has the same freedom to explore. It would be extremely conceited of him to expect her to abide by a different set of standards than he, himself, employs. Only, don’t tell that to an elf brother or father, they are generally the epitome of hypocrisy when it comes to their related females. The unspoken rule, in most families, is that their sister or mother never loved anyone before their mate. Why do you think elf mothers and sisters are so amused by their male relations? They freely do as they like and the males desperately try to ignore it is happening.” We shared a companionable smile.
“Then, why do you have your mates name missing? Have you not had your sexual awakening, 10 year thingy yet?” His response was to stop smiling. I felt bereft of it. I wished my words back, but he was already responding.
” The ritual of naming, there is not much known about how it works, it is magic, after all. The child is presented to the oracle on their naming day and the oracle announces the name of their mate, but before the name is given, the parents of the child go through their own ritual of releasing their child from their childhood. Allowing them to fully become an adult in their eyes. My parents, had died before my naming day. The Oracle is very secretive, not much is known about what parts of the ritual is required. When I did my naming day, my adopted clan performed my parents part of the ritual in their place, something must have gone wrong, or perhaps my mate was killed in the migration, that happened to some, whatever the reason, my mates name never appeared. When my brothers naming day came, his mates name also did not appear.”
“What happened to the ones whos mates died on the way here from Earth?”
“The name of their mates still appeared, so they, at least, knew the name of the one they would have bonded with, but most of them could not handle the loss of their mate. Most of them allowed the darkness to take them. An elf has the power to die, if they no longer want to live.”
“Wow, that’s so sad, what made you not choose that option? I am glad you didn’t, by the way.”
“Revenge? What do you mean?”
“Is this one of those questions you won’t answer?”
“What kind of powers does a Shadow Elf have?”
“We can become like night, like shadow, like smoke”
“That’s soo cool. How do you do that exactly?”
I peer at him concerned he might leave on me. He is emptying his second pint.
“Do you want some more?”
“Ask your final question.”
“My final question?”
“Is that it?”
“My final question is, What do you consider the future of our planet?”
“We will take our planet back. We will be a free people once more.”
“How do you intend to…”
But he was already gone.
(Next week: We will interview Qwillian Dell, Quinn’s younger brother. In an article titled: “Interview with the prince of thieves”
I’m Bexley Benton, see you then!

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Opal & Ellis

Opal & Ellis (Tiger Were)

Ellis is the leader of all the Red Silks. He funds them and keeps up a facade of democratic diplomacy, in order to make deals and watch out for his people when political wrangling and other shady deals that are attempted. He has a lot of money and influence, he must walk a careful edge so that his actions are not discovered before he can make moves to prevent powerful people from getting the government to agree to enter his planet forcibly or under the guise of help. His planet is sentinet, but there are greedy people working on the Demon and blood-elf side of the planet trying to influence and make changes that allow them to take control of Alderdeen politically. His manner is silky and cultured. He has a taste for the fine things in life, which hides his very real ferocious side. As he says in the story “Do not ever forget that while I may be wearing a silk tie, I am still very much a Tiger” He proves this of course whenever he takes his shirt off and we see his impressive pecs. In my minds eye I see his unique Bengel Tiger markings as slightly more animalistic looking and less human, while he retains a very Humanoid appearance, it will be more evident with the Were characters that they are also descendents of wild animals of Earth and do not have as long a history as the others. They remember being fully animal in their lineage. His fighting manner is also more cultured and gentile. He is an expert swordsman, but has hidden skill in throwing knives as well. He also boxes and wrestles as a teacher. He teaches the Tiger style of fighting stance. I intend to give respect to the Asian art of Tiger style martial art in this story. There will also be hints of other fighting styles popular in marial arts, including a little creative license with regards to other animals (Panther, Cheetah, Bear and Fox martial styles..which do not really exist in reality) Opal will enter the story on a humorous level. She is one moment on the slave ship and the next appears in Ellis’s bedroom, completely naked, with no idea how she got there. She is, in fact, able to use Teleportation, but is unsure how she did it and how to replicate it. Ellis is interested because her ability would be very useful in stealing slaves from the ship if her ability can be taught to others or used by herself. She must pose as his personal slave to protect her from harm, and the man she was slave to finds her and demands she be returned to him. Ellis must protect her and keep her with him, not only because she is powerful, but also, because she is his.

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Sage & Tristan

Tristan & Sage (Werepanther)

Tristan is the son of a proud Were panther taken hostage & killed in slavery. (She will be featured in the Vampire story between Lucian & Cinnamon) He heads up the Panther section of the Red Silk Assassins. He has been part of this group his entire life and is known to both Qwill and Quinn. (The interweaving of the storyline characters will be slowly expanded through references to characters in each book…see also article titled: “Interconnections between characters” He is driven by his need to revenge his mother and seeks to end the enslavement of his people and all Weres. He is particularly affected as his mother was taken when they were attempting to load him onto a waiting transport and she intervened. She was taken in place of him and he has felt guilt every moment since. He learned only that she was killed in captivity and for a people that will die before being a slave, this comes as a deep emotional pain. (The Vampire story must come before this one…as he will need to later meet Cinnamon and hear the story of his mothers bravery and sacrifice) Sage has been free longer than anyone known in the series. She has been a part of the Blue Silks for a long time and comes to know Briar and later Rose. She is an already established character by this point and I will enjoy very much having her and another established character, (mentioned in the Elf story with Quinn) but not meeting him until now, though she has heard mention of him many times. She will accept the mating moment as she is already actively aware of the Alderdeen world. The tension of this story comes from Tristans guilt for his mother and his inability to accept that he can be loved despite the extreme scars on his face and body that resulted from his attack the day his mother was taken. (The fact that he was stabbed over and over again is why the men did not take him, they believed he was dead.) Sage also has her own issues dealing with the fact that she is pretending to be a whore but is, in fact, completely clueless about how to be womanly, which is funny because she can act the part very well having paid close attention to the woman in the Madam house. She is an expert at getting information and is well regarded and protected by the real house ladies. (Their relationship will make for a very interesting network as he can sneak in pretending to be her male client and share intel with one another…coolest thing to note is that, endearingly enough, Tristan doesn’t give a rats ass that she is in a ladies house, he is a were and completely accepting of sex. He will however, have a real problem with anyone touching what he knows is his, even if he is very very reluctant to claim his mate because of his own hang-ups. Of course he does eventually claim her, but they will be one of the more unconventional couples as they work seperately from one another in the cause, but are a complete couple even while apart. They, more than any of my characters, will be accepting and understanding of one another on a very different level. The intuitive interactions between them will be very evident to the reader.

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Rose & Quinn

Quinn & Rose (Elf)

Quinn is the enemy. Rose has not been living as a slave, in fact she never even know she was born of slaves. She has worked as an art historian for a wealthy family all her life. She was never told her true origins by her adopted family, too young as a child to have understood that she was taken forcibly from her mother and sister. She only learned of this when the wealthy father she had always known confessed that she was not really his daughter. She was horrified that she had grown up in affluence, while her own mother and sister were treated like slaves. Her adopted father admits he kept her past from her, but he did it for his much loved wife. He could not manage to secure their freedom after he learned about her family history. He was not informed of her family until she was brought to live with him. He wife wanted children so badly and could not get pregnant. The man who took her from her family was an illegal baby broker, he suspected, but did not ask because he wanted her for his wife so badly, because she was adopted illegally his wife was terrified of her being taken from them if they inquired further. He did as much digging for information as he could and only managed to get a small bit of information from the ship where she was taken from her mother. He shows her the birth information that informed her she was a twin, and a photograph he was able to secure of her mother and sister.

The man had deep connections and secured a birth card for her that named his wife and himself as her parents. It secures her freedom and it was all he could do to protect her. Her father tells her he was able to secure a birth card also for her sister, and her last known location was listed as Alderdeen, which is why we find Rose on this planet. *Quirky fact, Briar is on Alderdeen for the same reason…kinda..she came to Alderdeen because someone mistakenly used the name Rose on a manifest for another slave named Rose, who was to be shipped to Alderdeen as a blood slave, only somehow there is a mix-up and that slave has gotten away. When Rose gets tricked by shady guides who promise to take her the Oracle in the Elflands (which is actually not possible, since the elflands are protected by magic and cannot be located by just anyone) after the Sandbridge Oracle tells her to seek the Elf that will find lead her to her sister. What the Oracle says, in fact, is “Seek the Elf that will steal her heart, in the place the fated Fae calls home” which is, in fact, exactly where she already was Sandbridge. She is informed that the place all Fae rest is their homeland in the Elflands. She is abandonded in the middle of the Shadowlands close to the border between the Shadowlands and the Dark Lands. When she wakes she is alone and lost. She stumbles into a camp looking for shelter and discovers traders on their way to trade in the Shadowlands. They tell her she can secure a guide there, and is completely in the wrong place to locate the Fae land. They break the news to her that only an Elf guide can lead her to them. She goes to sleep relieved, only to wake to screaming as the village is searched for the missing Blood-slave. One of the traders calls out her name and the searchers hear it, her things were stolen so she cannot prove her name is not the same person. She comes face to face with their Blood-elf captain, who is…Quinn. Quinn doesn’t need this. He has worked his way up the ranks and now is close to getting the commander level of the army of the blood-elf high lord. He is close to his revenge, and he really doesn’t need this. The problem is, she is definitely not the woman they are looking for, but he cannot help her without revealing himself as a spy. The blood-elf who is gunning to take the same promotion is in the search group and he must not give himself away, the blood-elf is already suspicious of him. Instead he claims her for his own, a fact that serves him because the others were questioning the fact that he has no blood-slaves of his own. He takes her to the castle and sets her up in his quarters as his, which she is really really not going to take lightly..considering she is highborn. Now he has to hide her lack of slave knowledge, keep her from being appealing to the high lord, which will sting seeing as that is why his mother and father were murdered, and keep her from being drained of blood. Yeah, he is soo screwed. (This story will be the first in the Alderdeen series, the one about her sister will be the second)

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Briar & Qwill

Briar & Qwill (Elf)

Briar meets Qwill, who is a thief. He is not just any thief, he is the best thief of the known world. He is the head of the crime syndicate of Sandbridge, the tourist town of Alderdeen. He was trained by the “Red Silk Assassins” He is well-known but hard to find. Many bounties are on his head. He is illusive and sly, and knows he is alluring to women, in fact, his looks and manner with the ladies gets him out of many a tough situation. He is the unofficial sponsor of the “Blue Silks” a prostitute ring that trades in selling information, a cover for their real work, which is that of the rebellion of Alderdeen who’s main goal is to defeat the slave-traders and enslavors of Alderdeen people. The prostitutes are a motley group of Were cheetahs, Incubai and other woman who have no difficulty at all with the use of sex for coin. This is something that Briar must overcome her prejudices toward, having developed her own feelings after witnessing the sex slaves who are forced to be concubines on her ship. She has never encountered women who are empowered by sex and considers prostitution as something shameful. Her experience is one of having seen the effects of rape and forced slavery, she comes to see the powerful difference between force and choice. Qwill seeks Briar out when he discovers her existence in the story involving his brother and her twin sister. They have been seperated for 20 years, having been forced apart when her sister was sold, a fact that devastated her mother, who had already lost her husband when they attempted to take her as a concubine slave. Briar has been searching for her as a final promise to her mother, who died of poisoning, by the woman who grew jealous of her mothers attention from her husband. Obviously Briar has issues with the prostitution for this reason. She also distrusts Qwill’s interactions with the woman, not only because of his ways with women, but also because she hasn’t got very good impressions of men as a sex from her childhood upbringing. Clearly she does not trust him when he professes to be her mate. Yeah, right! Even the mate mark on her own body does not change her mind, she assumes this is just party of his magic. She wonders what his game is, and unfortunately for her, Qwill is all too ready to lead her on a merry chase. Only, this is a chase he dare not lose. He discovers Briar hiding in plain sight as she clumbsily pick-pockets from unsuspecting tourists as a means of surviving. He is unimpressed with her lack of finesse, but impressed by the fact that she has hidden so long in plain sight. She will be an excellent pupil. She gets caught, by a rich tourist picking his pocket, he strikes her across the face and before he can strike her a second time, Qwill grabs his wrist and breaks it.